Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 102

Crooked daily life

I rushed to the bedroom and handcuffed the feets of the Inma who lies on the bed with handcuffs which I prepared beforehand. First restricting the left foot before I go to the right food and instantly go to the next, which are both hands of the Inma who is surprised of my entering and is locked in a moment.


The target’s hands and feets are handcuffed. When coming here, half of the work has almost ended. I am relieved only a little, but I can’t be careless yet.


Then at the time the surprised Inma speaks, it was already too late. Because his hands and feet are tied to the bed with special handcuffs, he can’t do anything.

“Thats right, you will be removed now”

I declare it in a cold voice while looking down at the man lying at full length on the bed. Although his face is covered by Noriko’s white buttocks, half of his face is confused for this sudden surprise attack. Huhuhu, that serves him right. I will return his evildoing to his body now.

“Then, start Noriko”


The Inma can’t move and I exchange a wink with Noriko who is in sixty-nine position. Now we two will exhaust the sexual energy of this Incubus to eliminate him.

“Look Look…. I have it in my mouth …”

Noriko swears so with a triumphing face towards the target, before she opens her big red lips to put the huge glans inside. She put the tip of his thing inside, where it warped more, before she begins to suck it using her tongue skillfully.


Unlike that performance from a while ago, the Incubus groans at full scale.

“Then, I blame this”

Playing with the dick is left to Noriko, while I extend my tongue to lick his scrotum.


We hear an agonizing voice from the Inma and I and Noriko grin at each other when we look into our faces.

(Huhuhu…he is already weak…)

With this attack we can confirm the weak points accurately and move our tongues more intensely. Although I smell a thick sweat at this place and I become dizzy from it when I breathe it in directly, but I strongly endure it somehow.

I have already known all weak points of this Incubus. Both Noriko and I can grasp all weak points, since we did it many times. I found out that the Inma shakes his body, when I used my tongue to taste around his scrotum.

“Hey hey…put it out quickly, so that you will be erased today”

Noriko stimulates the penis with her skillful tongue and mouth, while I stimulate the scrotum and the bottom. This double attack of our good teamwork has made a lot of damage to the enemy of women today.

“Hey Hey, what about here?”

I lick the rough surface of his balls with my tongue. And because his testicles shrink tightly already, I know that he is in a quite desperate situation to ejaculate. However we don’t give up. We will rack the sexual energy of this Inma thoroughly to remove it today from this world.

Next when I separated my mouth once, I took a pillow and put it under the lower back of this man. His lower back stuck out so that we can attack more aggressively.

“Huhuhu…I know all your weak points…. Be prepared…”

The targeted man seems to have said something, but such a nonsense doesn’t reach my ear. I use my tongue on a lower and narrower place.


Hearing this agonizing voice from the enemy let my heart be satisfied. This is the moment when I’m able to return a blow to this devil who tormented women so far.

(Suffer more!! Even for the women you tormented!!)

I was like a evil spirit already crazy about revenge. Now that I control everything, I inserted my tongue inside his sensitive anus. I have just licked the top and bottom of it when his body began to shake again. Noriko has the tip in her mouth as ever and uses her tongue with heartless cunningness.


This male science teacher who is the host of the Incubus twist his body and raising a suffering cry. This is the evidence that our attack is clearly effective on the enemy, because we torture his weak points. I move my tongue in ferocity by taking the opportunity and lick the sensitive anus clean. I place my tongue deeply and enter the rectum of the Inma I hate and stimulate it so that he gives a groan again.

“Yo, You…Please forgive me”

Shut up. Who shall stop? I rub obstinately my tongue against his loose meat wall.

The root of his penis occasionally jumps around. It shakes fearfully like it’s the hour of its death, when i rub it. Noriko holds the tip in her crowded mouth and sucks on it carefully. And after I matched my eyes with Noriko who played with another weak point obstinately, we attacked the hateful Inma more after nodding.

I don’t know how long it is now since we started this assault. We who are a selection of “SHADO” keep playing around with the Inma by two people and corner the enemy all the time since a little while ago.

At the beginning Noriko blamed the dick while I blamed his bottom. But we both now do a double fellatio on the dick of the enemy which is quite detestable. The penis of this man accumulated for a long time now and only pre-cum overflowed until now.

We use a new combination attack which we haven’t done yet, which is that Noriko put the dick between her huge melons while I suck the tip that is standing out of it. I sucked the tip to silence the Inma who is groaning from suffering this much.

I hold his dick inside my mouth while also stroking it now. I can’t say it by myself but the Inma seems to receive the finest pleasure from my fellatio, because he can’t stop crying though his mouth is muffed because Noriko is kissing him.

(Torment him more and more!!)

All my fingers, mouth and tongue are used skillfully to eradicate this disgusting Inma.

I dislike evil. I hate wicked, unfair things. It’s also for that that I left the bureaucrat way and entered “SHADO” to knock down the existence called devil. That’s why, I feel no sting to torment this man in this way. On the contrary, even if I hate this way, I blame the devils for it. Therefore I continue blaming this Incubus.

(Wave!! A wave here!!)

I who perceive that the groove around the glans which stretched is a weak point of this man crawl my tongue there and stimulate it by stretching out my tongue and licking it. I grasp the penis by the root and stroke it slowly. Next I increase my little finger inside his anus shallowly, while my other hand massage his scrotum.

These are the four deathly points which I found out by research.


The male teacher greatly groans from receiving this attack. It serves him right.

Ejaculation will be near already, because pre-cum is released from the tip. Originally it is a liquid to sterilize the uterus, but of course it is also the proof that an ejaculation is close. I who drink it which has a strong taste want to suck it dry. I hear the groan of the Incubus again, while he receive this deathly technique which I learned from Noriko.

“Hey Hey…why don’t you surrender already?”

Noriko clings to the neck of the male teacher and a mean cry is raised while doing a deep kiss. Her fingers stimulate the nipples of that man to raise his sexual feeling more. Noriko who was used to such a surprise attack knows it very well how to make a man suffer. She is a really reliable buddy.

However, Noriko seems to be in danger while saying so. She rubs her thighs against each other since a little while ago, while her secret place seems to heat up even more. Probably under the influence of the wave of this Inma, she will be sexually excited.

(Me too…)

I was similar when I noticed. My vagina opened already and became muddy, because honey overflows from the inside.The granulation tissue rubs against my panty and my waist almost melts from exquisite pleasure.

(As, as it is then…)

I need to squeeze the sexual energy of that Inma until exhaustion to erase him. Therefore I can’t indulge in this ecstasy. However, the Inma host hasn’t ejaculated yet and we get sexual excited steadily.

(However…However, how is it done…)

I think calmly while caressing his meat stick with my hand and mouth intensely. I need to let him ejaculate as soon as possible to release his energy.

Noriko who kissed the enemy made a nod sign towards me. It took time until I realized what she means.

(I have no chance but to use my ultimate card)

It was a forbidden skill. It is certain that it will give the Inma a big blow, but it is also certain that I also receive damage at the same time, so you can speak of a double-edged sword. You can run out of meat, and the time when you go out with the desperate tactic to cut off bones has come.

When I decided, I nodded to Noriko. In that way I kneed on the bed and released the dick from my mouth.

I remove my clothes until I only wear my pink lace underwear. I look down at the meat weapon which I will attack now, while swallowing my saliva.

I raised my waist and locate it over the thing of the enemy who can’t move. My eyes met again with Noriko who holds his meat spear.

I just lower my waist slowly and carefully.



I and and the male teacher groan at the same time.

The meat weapon breaks and tears the inside of my flower. A spark is blown off in front of my eyes from this strong stimulation and my bottom almost melts from my waist downwards. The inside of my vagina is excited from this unconscious invader and begins to spin a pleasant sensation which melts away from this stimulation.

This is the ultimate weapon of assaulter from “SHADO” like us. This skill brings sure death to an devil by removing its energy with the own pleasure organ. The last trump card “Meat pot suppression”.


Even my internal organs are blinded by the impact, when it pushed up the moment I entered the depths. Because my uterus is thrust directly when it is this posture, the stimulation is stronger.

(Kuuuuu!! I, I wont be defeated by such a thing!!)

All my body cells give a signal of delight and joy and I understand that dopamine is released in large quantities. However, it is the excitement of a simple nerve including pleasure and is only a minutely electrical signal that a chemical substance brings if I take it seriously. You can be able to control such physical reaction rationally.

“Aaa…it’s intolerable…”

The Inma groans after saying so. That’s the chance! When I swallow it more deeper, I swing my waist all around slowly. I let my strengthened sphincter shrink and squeeze the meat stick that I swallowed to the utmost.



A squirt of pleasure goes out from the mouth of the target and a groan of agonizing leaks out between my teeth that I clenched. Of course this technique gives large damage to the opponent, but bounces back on oneself at the same time. However, I endure it in order to defeat the enemy.

“Huhuhu…. I make you feel it more and more…”

When Noriko laughs maliciously, she plays around with the target more. Even a man feels when his nipples are licked and chewed. The other nipple is also stimulated by my fingers. This male science teacher who is the host of the Inma is still handcuffed and receive our combined attack without the opportunity to counterattack.

“Oou…al, already goes out…”

While the target floundered in pleasure he raised a complain at last.

(Good!! Win!!)

I seemed to win the fight somehow. When I hear his voice, the fight is heated up more and more and I move my waist more skillfully. My body stimulates the dick that is inside me at an angle and speed that let a man feel it, though I’m not used to this act because I have little male experience.



The groaning voice of the host shows that his ejaculation is imminent. However, I also hear a high pleasured voice mixed in it. I know that this was my one voice so that I was astonished now.

(Ba, bad…bad…bad…. I also…to me…)

I was cornered all too soon to the edge of my limit and I think it was bad to become careless from expecting that I won. Like mercury of an summer day, I understand that the pleasure rises steadily inside me.

(Bu, But…I endure it! I endure it Arisa!!!)

I who chew my lower lip while waving my waist, to corner that man endured it desperately. However the tip of the meat spear that invaded attacks my uterus and I receive a pleasant and painful feeling. A white electric current runs up from my backbone and roast my brain so that my head becomes blank.

(I´m not defeated!! I wont lose!!!)

Still I endure it desperately. I will never succumb to this Inma who has tormented women badly until now. I’m a demon hunter and soldier trained in “SHADO”. I never succumb to such pleasure!


An eternal amount of time passed, till the Incubus host makes a cry that bring his end. The penis of that man pulsated inside me aggressively before its sexual energy was released.

(I did it! I win! I win!!!)


The moment the delight of victory wraps my whole body, I’m dragged into the white world. An enormous stimulation goes through my body like lightning and I raised a high-pitched voice while having convulsions fearfully. It is as if my head is roasted. For this long-awaited moment my brain sparked and I lost consciousness slowly.

“Huhu…please look. Arisa-chan´s face seems happy”

Cleaning Kenichi´s dick that became muddy with vaginal secretions and sperm, Noriko clings to his neck and behaves like a baby, before she looks at Arisa who is lying down wearily. This sexy lingerie wearing beauty lays on the bed with closed eyes and having a pleasant face.

“Perhaps, she has a dream defeating Kenichi”

Kenichi laughs from the depths of his throat while rubbing the voluptuous chest of Noriko.

It was Kenichi who obtained Noriko and Arisa who are staff members of “SHADO”, but Arisa didn’t submit completely like other pretty women and she keeps being hostile . If it’s a common woman, then her heart comes off if the body is corrupted, but Arisa´s heart decline on purpose. The reason is the superhuman mental power of Arisa.

However by the pledge Arisa made, she can never defy Kenichi. She can’t help following his orders even if she hates it in her heart.

For Arisa who continues having such a hostility, they make an eccentric play. When Kenichi comes to this apartment where Noriko and Arisa hide and live, Arisa is always tricked by Noriko’s hypnotism in this way so that they do an”Inma assault imitation play”.

The intention that he will be attacked makes Kenichi glad to be in a desperate situation. Arisa’s face is attractive when she is released from the hypnotism and learn on what happened and it is a special joy for him to violate Arisa who seems to regret it.

“Hey, before Arisa wakes up from hypnosis, imprint her to have sex with me”

“Aah…such a naughty way of speaking…”

Noriko turns to the side joyfully while saying so. Kenichi sinks his tall and stout penis inside Noriko´s vagina from behind, after he raised one of her legs horizontal.

“Aaaaaaa! Unbeeeaaarabbllee!! Hiiiiiiii!!!”

Because she endured it all the time during this act, Noriko reaches the climax in no time. Even if the unusual sized penis is inside her, it arrives to the womb depths and push up the uterus which waited for some sperm directly.

“Because I have sex with her thoroughly today until morning, prepare it”


Kenichi´s hand grabbed Noriko´s huge bust and he coveted this finest and sweet body slowly.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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