Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 101

Arisa?s daily life

Chapter 101: Arisa´s daily life

(Tl note: This is a dream of Arisa therefore this chapter is in her viewpoint this time)

I checked the state of the next room while looking at the monitor of a certain wave measuring machine which is beside me. The wave pattern of the Inma that appeared recently on district M is clearly read this time. As soon as I make sure of that, I open the door and peep into the next room a little. And because I have the wave erasing machine on my waist, they shouldn’t notice my existence.

On the other side of the door which is opened thin is a bedroom of around 10 tatami mats. In the center is a big king size bed with a black sheet.

Sitting on it are a man and woman who are kissing each other. I understand that their tongues are intertwined and it is a french kiss. The woman seems happy when the man inserted his tongue and she also seem to absorb it. Their kiss is so passionate that it doesn’t seem to be an act for me and something like this can’t be imitated by my tongue.

The man makes sure that he covers the female from behind to rub her voluptuous breasts that pushed up the white blouse. The huge melons that have an amazing volume and almost break through the blouse change their form in the hands of that man.

Because she is caressed in that way with attaching just their mouth, the female voice that was raised is muffled and a pleasured sound is mixed clearly in there. I can’t see her face because I only see their backs but I’m sure she is full of passion.

(Although she has a sweetheart…she is so offensive…)

Seeing the aggressive figure of my close friend let my own body become hot. Sexual excitement also increases seeing this sexual act even though I have a mission.

(What am I doing!! Throbbing like this…. I´m at duty now, steady yourself Arisa)

I told myself. Soon after I still gaze at the foreplay of these two and notice that I blush.

(Although Noriko risks her life and becomes the decoy, why I´m charmed!!)

Such a thing isn’t fitting for an assailant attacker of “SHADO”. Fighting spirit is summoned again. In that way, while again looking at the wave motion measurement equipment, I observe Midou Kenichi who fused with a Inma and is the latest target.

I and Noriko Aoyama are both from “SHADO”. Our characters and appearance were opposite to each other, but we got along well strangely since we started in “SHADO”. During the intense training in the suburbs of London, we both encountered a trouble and probably because we were roommates we encouraged each other. And because we both were assigned to the Tokyo Police Department after we returned to Japan we hold private contact secretly so that the headquarter doesn’t know.

I and Noriko became partners and our duty this time is to eliminate the devil from district M. I have already identified the man who fused with the Incubus by Noriko´s information and he is recognized as a teacher of a girls’ high school. In the ideal environment like an all girls’ high school, the Incubus preys beautiful girls one after another. They are in danger when we don’t remove him immediately.

Noriko sneaked into the girls’ high school and was able to make contact with the Inma host without her real identification to be found out. And today is the assailant day. I’ll attack the enemy who was invited by Noriko and came here alone with Noriko and erase him at this place.

We are in a 2LDK apartment house that we rented and I lurk in the walk-in closet in the interior of the bedroom and wait until the timing of the surprise attack while looking at the monitor of the wave measuring instrument. We let Noriko becomes the decoy so that the target become careless and we can catch him at once. That’s the strategy we two thought about to eliminate the target.

“Aaah…Noo, Midou-sensei…don’t massage it so much…touching my chest…not good…”

Noriko wears a tight black skirt and a white blouse appropriated for a teacher and her chest is rubbed from behind by Midou Kenichi who is the host of the Incubus while she release a sweet panting. With such a voice she would obtain the Academy Award, because even I who hears it is deceived. Noriko let him rub her chest voluntarily while saying she dislikes it to stimulate the lust of the enemy.

Even I with little experience understand that the caress of the Incubus is good and insistent.

He rubs Noriko´s chest together with her bra and blouse and check the softness, size and weight. I saw Noriko’s big breasts already when we took a bath together, that and they give a soft and huge feeling when you take them in your hand. It is said that all men like big breasts, but it seems to be true utterly when I see the eagerness of the Inma.

After all a man is a hopeless and vulgar creature.

“Nooo…sensei…. Don’t suck this place…. A mark will be added and I can’t go to school tomorrow…”

The Inma host sticks to Noriko´s white and thin scruff and marks it with kiss marks. Meanwhile both of his hands massage her chest without taking a rest and occasionally rubs her sensitive nipples with his fingers. Noriko let her body twist each time and pants with a sexy voice. Because she is in the swing to feel everything, I am impressed by her performance.

(Amazing…she seem to really feel it…)

I said it many times, but that is only a performance. She pretends to be pleased from his caress in that way to let him become careless. Because Noriko has a lover called Yuusuke who is the same age as Noriko, she feels nothing from the Inma’s caress. Otherwise it is an affair.

“It’s useless there…it’s useless…uguuuu!!”

The target kisses and blocks the voice of Noriko. His left hand gets into her skirt all too soon and plays with her crotch. And his right hand comes through the collar of her blouse and massages Noriko’s breasts directly. I can see the movement of his fingers through the thin blouse and I become a bit doubtful.

“Isn’t it soaking wet already?”

I am startled when the enemy said this. My own secret garden was muddy from honey juice that overflowed, however, I notice that these words were turned to Noriko and I started to become red.

“Li, Lie! It isn’t so!”

“That’s a lie. Muddy love juice overflows from the inside”

“Noo…don’t say it…it is embarrassing…. Ah, not good! Not good there! My nipples are my weakness!”

Noriko let the man do what he wants with her plump body.

That may be so. I seem to feel it too because I move my body. I am just looking, but the reaction of Noriko is always good at such undercover investigations and serve as a reference. If I sometimes do a investigation by using my body I need to do it like this to make the target become careless.

“What is this…. Your nipples are already so stiff”

“Aah…already…. Not good. Don’t put your hand inside my panty…”

(Aaa…that place aches…)

Looking at the Incubus’s host and Noriko who are absorbed in their hot caresses my body seems to heat up all too soon, too. In this situation I decide to handle the desire by myself because it will be a hindrance for our mission.


When I put my hand inside my skirt and panty an erected meat awaited my caress impatiently. The floral honey which overflowed is painted on my index finger and I rub the sensitive part rapidly.


At this moment I was startled at the sweet voice that came out of my mouth unintentionally and cold sweat sticks to my back. I peeped out quietly again, but the Inma didn’t seem to have noticed my presence. And my head begins to become white from the sharp pleasure that appeared from caressing my chest and vagina.


I murmured small unconsciously in the dim walk in closet. My body becomes rough and deviates if I don’t let the pleasure free. The immense amount of pleasure that is created at my crotch runs through my whole body.

(Great…so great…aaa…)

Since when did my body come to feel it so much? I also received a pleasant sensation when I did it myself before, but with what is performed at this place now it can’t be compared. My erected clitoris throbs at the same path as my heartbeat and my lower back begins to melt away every time.

The moment I extended my finger inside my panty I noticed that this place is like a muddy marshland. When the middle finger is increased and put inside, the interior is swollen and ready to be eaten.


Like a totally hungry beasts, my finger is swallowed by my pussy. It even tighten up to move it deeper inside and it was as if my finger is bitten off. Even if I do say so myself but my secret garden is like a lewd and hungry beast now.

My body would become really indecent soon. I haven’t dated a man yet and of course there is no sexual experience until now. However, the sensitivity rises remarkably and I become ashamed of myself that I become so sensitive now.

It felt disagreeable, but I am always called out by a man when I walk in the outside. Though I don’t have such intentions, why did I start to attract a lot of male now?

“Nooo!! Shameful!! Useless!!”

I who concentrated on caressing myself was surprised by Noriko’s high pitched voice suddenly. I even forgot my mission and feel like hitting myself unconsciously, however I showed my face from the gap of the closet door again to watch the scene in the bedroom.


Seeing this state, I raised a small scream from my mouth unintentionally.

Noriko who lay on the bed opened her legs greatly and a man’s face is between it. Because I see it from the side, it isn’t clearly seen but I can imagine what is done. A thick sexual mouth act. This act where a man sticks to the crotch of a woman is called cunnilingus.

“Aaa…sensei…. Not good…. There is not good!”

Noriko raises a lustful voice that has finished melting away. Although she refuses him with her words, she let her legs open by him and let him do what he wants. I can see that the enemy’s face is between her legs and I imagine what is performed as I drink my saliva that was about to drip out if my mouth.

“Aaa…Nooooo! Don’t suck there! I´m feeling it there so much!”

Noriko shakes her body fearfully. Noriko is shaking her head in right and left while grabbing the black sheet with such a force that her fingers become to get white. At the same time she opens her legs, but I can see that they are opened wider than before.

(Not yet? Still not good? Noriko…)

The host of the Incubus is so fascinated about Noriko that he has a lot of openings. If striking now, I have the confidence that he will be killed certainly.

However, there is no go sign yet from Noriko. Noriko who is near the target will check first the condition of the target before she decides to give the sign. That’s why we have a excellent cooperation until now when we worked together.

(The Inma still hasnt put his guard down completely…)

Since there is no signal from Noriko, I must wait until time is right. I use my finger since a little while ago to get rid of the burning sensation at my crotch, however the flame seems to rather increase.

“Hiiiii! Aaahiiiiiii!!”

Noriko yells in an especially high-pitched voice while shaking her whole body shudderingly. She seems to be really greedy for the pleasure that it looks strange for me.

In that way Noriko continues giving a realistic performance while raising her high-pitched voice many times. The wariness of the target fades away by doing that and the success rate of this assault is rising. I raise my body, because I must follow her noble professionalism in pursuance of our mission.

“Aa…already…already not good…”

As soon as Noriko who drooped says only that after a long time, the enemy raised his body while grinning and taking off his shirt. Even in the darkness you can see his muscled naked upper body and I’m really astonished seeing it.

“Nooo…. This time…I’d like to do it this time…”

The realistic performance of Noriko continues. While having a charmed expression on her pleased face, she raised her body slowly, before taking off his pants. In that way, when the body of the man is laid down in the bed, she removed his underwear.



Noriko and I react unintentionally.

With some force the huge meat weapon appeared. The dick of the Inma has a brutal and abominable appearance. All women who have this put inside them would be able to escape anymore.

(Wh, what…what a wicked appearance…)

This appearance may be an incarnation of desire. This are the claws of the Inma to drag women into the pleasure hell. Seeing this horrifying meat stick, I feel a mix of passion and shiver welling up inside my body.

My heart throbs and my secret place also ache at the same time. The wave of the Incubus is reaching even here.

“Aah…I will suck it…”

The moment Noriko said so in a voice that melted away indulgently and licked her lips with her tongue, she stretched out her long tongue with a joyful expression. And she began to lick the penis of the enemy which has a lot of blood vessels on the surface slowly.


The enemy spatted out a sigh of pleasure unintentionally. He should have made many women his thing, but the technique of Noriko makes even him crazy. As expected, there is only Noriko in “SHADO”who is good at removing an devil.

“Uhuhu…. I will return the favour from just now…”

Noriko laughs in debauchery and she delights the target more with her skillful tongue. She is doing this to let him become careless so that I can attack at a stretch.

So after a while Noriko who used her tongue stepped over the face of the target. Lying in the sixty-nine position are the naked man who fused with the Incubus and Noriko who is still wearing her clothes.

“Aaahh…Nooooo!! Not good…”

That man grabs between her crotch immediately and Noriko screams again.

Noriko turned to this place for an instant and nodded.

That’s the signal!

I opened the door of the closet and attacked the enemy with the bow which I pulled to the limit.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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