Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 10



(I can see it?)

Kenichi was surprised by his kinetic vision.

It was incredible for someone who had no sense for sports and never actively played tennis until now. His hand-eye coordination was bad, of course, and it was impossible for him to judge the balls movements at high speed.

Whether it was baseball, tennis, ping pong, his capacity to use hand-eye coordination to gain spatial awareness was nilch. Regardless of the sport, it could have been considered too difficult for him.

However, now he was able to trace the ball’s trajectory clearly.

Kenichi moved to the other side of the court while the vice-principal returns to a serving posture. A smirking expression was stuck on his face. He felt the amateur Kenichi would be helpless against an experienced tennis player.

The racket strikes the ball with a *daga* noise, sending the toss roaring forward with a *gyun* as the high-speed yellow arrow flies again.

Because his serve exceeds 160 km per hour, it was at a speed that even an experienced player may struggle with, let alone a common person.

However, Kenichi could see it movements clearly. He could confirm its direction like it was moving in slow motion and understand the ball’s rotational spin with ease.

Despite that, he didn’t move a step.

“… fa, fault.”

The high-speed serve was so quick that even Ruriko, who was functioning as a referee, couldn’t trace where the ball would land. However, there were two sets of eyes that caught it surely, and Kenichi had seen it that it’d fall outside of the line.

Even though Kenichi didn’t move from his spot, he could see difference in margins.


The vice-principal clicked his tongue at his second serve. Although he moderated the power so that an amateur wouldn’t be able to handle it, the ball was clearly aimed in a center direction.

(I can hit it!)

Kenichi didn’t consider this. He didn’t think it. He was just “convinced” it was true.

Then, Kenichi’s hands and feet which usually move like a broken puppet, burst out smoothly. The ball moves from the fall point to the point after the bounce the shortest distance that he could safely strike it. The ball is hit right at the ideal location the perfect distance from his body. Kenichi folded his elbow compactly, drawing an orbit of the shortest distance and making the racket revolve.

Without even being aware of it, he swung it around by hand, twisting his waist behind while his hand followed.

His aim is spot on, the racket face adds to the spherical orbit. The ball is caught at just the perfect sweet spot, his gut absorbed the energy of the impact at high speed; it was turned to the energy in the proposed direction he aimed.

As the racket turned by the smallest angle, it drew a beautiful orbit and swung through. After that, the proposed yellow ball made a humming sound, flying true. It pierced the deepest part of the adjacent court.

“… Fif, fifteen all.”

At the moment, the court became a scene. No one moved in disbelief. Ruriko who was the referee, Aiko who lent the racket, Usami of the posture still doing serve, even as for Kenichi who also brightly returned the ace shot.

“Wow!! What!!”

“He returned it! Impossible!!”

A bit too late, sounds came out like the rumbling of the ground. Rather, it was shouts of astonishment rather than a cheer. The students were shocked. They started speaking in surprised tones, which quickly grew into a giant big buzz of excitement.

“Quiet!! Be quiet!“

Kenichi’s voice stunned Ruriko. He usually let out a voice that sounded hollow, but this shout to her was calm and composed. For Ruriko, the immediate moment was difficult to believe.

Kenichi was usually timid and gloomy and had no sense for exercise, because even a professional would have struggled to return that ace.

Although Kenichi was dumbfounded for an instant, Usami was incredibly angry.

(Usami POV)

(Fluke! It had to have been a fluke!! )

I can’t be defeated in this tennis game. I am the school’s most attractive mark and I excel vividly compared with the science teacher, which only serves to make my popularity something more immovable. It’s one of my pet peeves, the dropout teacher of the geeky and gloomy people.

(It was!)

With all power and anger, he hit the first serve.

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I let the back shrink from the state that arched with a body with *gyun*, and the racket which I drew Japanese yen on throws up the lump of the yellow rubber at high speed. Super-high-speed flat serve of the bringing sure death that I obtained by hard repeated practice over and over again for school days.

Serious that in Usami exceeds 170km.

It which was hit without aims being different pierces the deepest part at the very limit of the center line.

Perfect speed and course.

Even a professional shouldn’t be able to get the orbit to which I can’t help normally answering with a backhand. Besides he can´t beat me even if nature was overturned for the science teacher of tennis calendar zero despite a vice-advisor.

But the nightmare came again.

When the temporary teacher who gets long and thin changes the direction of the body round, a clean oval is drawn by an orbit of the racket and the yellow arrow which develops straight is engaged while fixing the elbow.

The important one isn’t power in this case.

Perfect timing and the perfect point make a vector of kinetic energy reversed, and the lump of the yellow rubber makes a humming sound and returns again, moreover to the other side of the court where I never can receive it.

“…. Fifteen thirty”

Doo! The cheer which says so comes without time lags this time.

“See, this time, the first service!!”

“Moreover, perfect backhanded return… “

“Why ‥ why, he hits like that!”

Excitement is sound from the girl’s mouth and is given off. A general schoolgirl is in the force of its speed in the high technique for a member of tennis team.


The vice-principal throws away an everyday gentlemanly manner and bares an ugly expression with original brutality now. I had perfect return ace stolen twice to come together with the supply teacher whom I made moss.

There is no such possibility. There is no such possibility.

I who is a sportsman and an elitist, It’s impossible to lose refuse of such third-class university, I can´t fall to come together with such a social garbage.

This is a fluke. I’ll prove that right now!

In the expression of Hannya mask or boogeyman, I give serve of the whole body off 4 times.

In a sense Usami is a superman.

Because the body age is still keeping 20 beyond 40 years old, and the active age and compatible service can be struck. However, there isn´t in the least confusion in the technique even if only this lacks in calmness and leaves what you should be really surprised at to feelings, rather the point that the former best performance can be shown.

That’s natural ability and profit of a continuous effort. High ensemble of power and the technique those are inaccessible for an ordinary man.

(Usami POV end)

However, the ability of the devil doesn´t sprinkles such a thing to teeth either.

That which ran into a section by the speed of the fastest on this day is repelled readily by perfect racket control again. As the speed of service goes up, the return when catching that correctly increases its brutality more.

But the devil didn’t aim at only that.

This return returned to the point of view with which Usami where service has ended exactly can be hit. The leg is stretched quickly from the posture which has finished serving the ball, and makes muscle shrink in order to strike the ball.

But return of the devil is with a tinge of a slice, and it tries to escape from Usami’s racket. I run after that and stretch more leg, the yellow ball to which I escape at high speed.

(I got it!)

The charge account that hardly did a warm-up at the moment was given. Only that place screams in the load with the sudden Achilles’ tendon which became fragile via the age.

I feel the shock that something clashed with each other to a heel in large quantities, and Usami lays on the place, after that, the astonishment in the moment and shout of joy, the scream of members who understood the seriousness of the thing following it and an ambulance and a voice to appeal for echo through the court.

I grin while looking at the vice-principal who holds the foot, and crouches down. At this turbulent place, only two people see the expression that I showed, and Aiko and Ruriko are convinced.

This isn’t accidental.

Two people felt that a hateful shudder runs through their backs.

It’s after that, club activities were no longer normal that.

The respective advisors in the part and coaches tried to make them collect restless air somehow, the excitement that happened in the tennis court, the gymnasium and the ground, and even the student who stayed involves the inside of the school, the whole school was stirring with abnormal excitement.

“Mr. Midou is wonderful…. Such great return ace, what I saw few …”

“But he couldn’t exercise at all. I have judged from the athletic meet in spring, it smelled of a dong slowly…”

“From that, Usami, Okay…. He has cut an Achilles’ tendon… Poor …”

Schoolgirls are usually excited at the surprising performance that I showed in gloomy people severally and talk about the horror loudly. If it was only once, maybe it was tidy by pure luck, Usami’s super speed service everyone knows, because a return ace has been decided perfectly 3 times, that’s also reasonable.

Corner on the 5th floor the science preparation room in such schoolhouse.

The dark and quiet place where a pother in the school doesn’t also reach there, a Succubus was waiting for a new game patiently at its location.

Three words of duplicity which was exchanged when returning the racket, when the hour was here, it was enough.

The meantime when the game is over, everybody is preoccupied with Usami who fell down.

The red tentacles that appeared from my body climbed all over the body of Aiko Kawashima who stared at me in utter amazement although being surprising and coiled myself around the aura. Aiko’s body and heart are being tied for that like Natsuki’s case and a soiled poison of the succubus is being poured.

(I did it! It is the second!!)

The response and conviction made me go into raptures.

“A, ah…”

The beautiful girl dressed in a skirt which shakes the body as having been fascinated by electricity with having stood beside the court. The pale aura from the body is reacting to the wave motion of the succubus and is being dyed pink gradually. The aura seemed to be resisting, but that’s also dyed the red tentacles around which I twined, and it’s changing into the hateful color gradually.

I who see the state, and erected lightly know it for the super sense that it exercised that Aiko is attacked in a moment by eroticism. The female senior high school student who had no feeling for me is having carnal desire hot for me who is the science teacher who doesn’t become clear.

(More… I’ll dye her color more….)

“The Power” of Succubus preys on the beautiful girl. Besides, it is an event in the presence of everybody in the outdoors. With being learned about by no one, the whole body is having gooseflesh in the joy which makes the beautiful girl become corrupted.

“Come to the science preparations room later. With the same appearance, be seen by nobody”

Before Ruriko in the next looks by the face which seems strange, the sacrifice which stares hot at me with wet eyes, she nodded at the invitation of the devil.

(Aiko POV)

Tennis club captain Aiko Kawashima of the second year was confused at the change in her body.

I surely throbbed to the science teacher who showed a great play at that time for an instant. Anyway he returned that high-speed flat serve so as to be perfect and was absentminded in the form that flowed.

But the thing which just sprouted up for its young body isn’t such light virgin tic. The bare desire dirty adult men and women muddier than I have.

It is sexual desire. Carnal desires. Copulation desire.

The 17-year-old virginal body is tormented now by the unbearable desire and drives recklessly in defiance of the intention of the master. The breast and the clitoris are insisting on the desire in each and are playing the harmony.

Of course there was the light sexual desire until now. I do the masturbation like everyone else. However, it is Aiko who hasn´t done even a kiss without the male experience until now. In this desire I feel in other words the primitive instinctive expression an animal as human has, it’s confused.

I intended to stop going many times. I went the stairs of the school building many times and came.

The fear and the self-protection instinct to which the identity isn’t known make the heart of the 17-year-old girl wither.

Still desire in the body offends such reason and warning. The desire to the nature which runs out of control overflows in the body, and that’s purchased, and the cell in the body is looking for something.

(And the teacher said that I should come …)

I make the condition and the commanded thing to which the desire can’t be reduced an indulgence and walk the schoolhouse. I lie about the health-care room for a member in addition to the tennis club, and I’m walking along the lonely hallway on the 5th floor in this way. Only here is still strong in wax painted the floor of the linoleum with, and it individualizes the loneliness still more to be fragrant.

“Teacher… I have come….”

Kenichi waited for a moment after the knock, but he couldn’t start his elaborate pains without answering the door.

The girl’s instinct rang with warnings and something in her mind tried to desperately apply restraint, but the 17-year-old girl turned the knob quietly without listening to it.

The destined door opened. This beautiful girl couldn’t turn back any more.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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