Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 08


Midou Kenichi had a dream again in the evening.

Like the previous night’s dream, he was standing on a long column which lengthened out into a black darkness from which there was no bottom. Flame blazed in a circle around the round stage. Where Kenichi was at was bright from a nearby flame, but there was nothing out in the darkness except the occasional streak of dark red.

It was the same scene from yesterday.

However, after noticing something was off, Kenichi realized there was a man and a woman that appeared abruptly in the immediate area.

Kenichi didn’t know how long they had been there, but it was a surprising scene right after gaining consciousness. A naked girl was on all fours right in front of him. She was being violated from the rear by a man with black skin.

“Hiiiii! Guuuuaaaa!”

While her pretty face twisted in pleasure, the beautiful girl continued to make cries of bliss. However, the screaming mixed in her voice allowed Kenichi to realize that the girl was already approaching her limit.

The pretty face was loosening from the intense piston action from the rear, and her face was smothered with sweat and tears. Her eyes were open, but vacant without reflection.

“Ku, Kurosawa…”

So. The one being violated from the back by a man, it was a student of Ellis’ All-girl high school where he worked. The one making desirable sweet body sounds today, was none other than Natsuki Kurosawa of the second year.

“Aguuuu! Aaahiiii!”

The voice emitted from those pretty lips, it was a cry that was animalistic already, and it didn’t make sense. Her beautiful hair that ran down her shoulders was slick, and forelocks were stuck to her frame by sweat silkily.

Grabbing her by the hair, the man jerked, violating her from the rear like he was holding a bridle. In that way, in stout carriage, he pushed himself deeper into the womb of this beautiful girl.


As Natsuki’s hair was pulled, some sweetness mixed in her voice showing that she savored the pain. A beautiful girl famous for her brightness at school, was being violently violated by a large man, in a way that clearly showed her masochism.

Yesterday evening, in the science preparation’s room that could be said to be Kenichi’s headquarters, he violated Natsuki exhaustively. He fondly remembered the state of Natsuki’s body and uniform after he had expressed his greed and rage on her body, bending her in various positions on the couch.

After all, Kenichi erupted his greed three times into Natsuki’s interior womb. With Natsuki naturally exhausted to her root, Kenichi wasn’t able to go farther. He still had energy, but he reluctantly put an unsteady Natsuki into a taxi, avoiding the public eye to send her home.

While Kenichi ejaculated three times in her vagina, Natsuki was exposed to an ecstasy that was immeasurable. Kenichi kept bringing that scared yet lively young body into agony over and over again. Every time Natsuki reached orgasm, energy was given off from her body and taken up, absorbed into the hard erection buried deep inside her womb to the point it was amazing.

Why would such a Natsuki be violated by another man over and over now, Kenichi couldn’t understand it. For him in this dream, it was an impossible thing to fathom.

He glanced over to the man, and was immediately shocked.

(A…a demon…)

Raping the naked high school girl in front of him from the back, was the devil that had revealed itself to him in his previous dream. The eyes lifted up, bright red, and his mouth was split from ear to ear. He had a hairless head which sprouted two horns, and a long black tail coming from the bottom.

The devil was slobbering as Kenichi watched it but seemed slightly viscous. A huge purple penis was covered in vaginal secretions, thrusting into Natsuki’s meat jar with a sturdy movement and no mercy. Indecent liquid noises like *guchogucho* sounded as meat slide into tight meat, the moist sound spreading in the otherwise silent space.

Furthermore, innumerable red tentacles left the body of the devil; Kenichi could see them twining all over Natsuki’s naked body. After they wound around the body of the stark-naked Natsuki, they squeezed around her chest and thighs.

“Hiiiii! Aaaguuuuuu1”

Natsuki reached another orgasm while her hair was being pulled from the talons of the devil behind her, her body falling into a hellish pit of deep pleasure. Kenichi watching from the sides knew the depth of this pleasure very clearly. As for the girl who had never tasted something like this at her age, her prohibited fruit was too delicious.

“Who are you?”

While swallowing his saliva, Kenichi asked the devil who kept violating the female senior high school student.

However, the devil didn’t react at all, continuing to violate the beautiful girl with a singular devotion. His eyes remained distracted, showing no interest in anything but his own greed.

“You are what!”

After shouting the devil reacted to nothing, only raping the beautiful girl earnestly.


However, he saw enough.

The face began to gradually change, turning completely to the appearance of a human.

The color of the skin remained black, but the eyes, nose, and mouth changed to the form of a normal human.

The face which raped the beautiful, crying girl while drooling from the mouth slowly, a thin smile dyed with desire showed. His face.


Kenichi jumped up while screaming. Immediately, he noticed he was sleeping in his bed in his bedroom.

(…Dream… or…)

He let out the breath gathered in his lungs unconsciously with a *fuu*.

(Again… Again, it was a realistic dream…)

The view which was being seen until just now, he could recall clearly just like the previous night’s dream. It should be common for the detail to become vague, but he could recall this dream clearerly.

The stage was like an altar.

It was surrounded by red flames that seemed to dye the sky red as well.

Kenichi uttered a delighted cry: the devil which showed the face of Natsuki Kurosawa and itself.

No, Kenichi should say it showed himself with the face of a devil.

When he pulled the thread of memory there, he noticed he broke into a sweat and felt like he’d just been doused with cold water.

However, the power in his body rose, and soon he felt full and overflowing with energy.

Because Kenichi had low blood pressure, he was usually weak in the morning. Even after he made it to school, his energy was low, which often caused him to be absentminded.

This morning was different. Like his body was hooked up to a generator, the energy seemed to well up.

(Is this also part of the “power” from that contract?)

His body felt abnormally light as he sprung from the futon. Those he fully ejaculated into Natsuki’s womb yesterday until the point she cried, his member was standing firmly this morning. The warped penis nearly touched his belly. Though he was over thirty now, he felt like he had returned to the days of a high school student.

There, in the middle of his penis, was the black butterfly mole which had opened wings of good health.

(Is this the seal for the contract with the devil?)

Either way, yesterday’s dense affair returned to his mind quickly.

Kenichi had sexual intercourse with the dazzling Natsuki Kurawa, an eminently beautiful girl from his school. He overtook the uniformed student over the old sofa in the science preparation room completely, bending her body over and greedily taking a turn enjoying her fruits.

It was a dreamlike time.

He recalled the pleasure of those small soft folds clinging to his buried, plump meat. He recalled the face of that shaking girl, writhing in agony and fear that she might become pregnant. Then, the joy as he poured that devious energy deep into her womb.

However, now that he was calm and could think, he struggled to believe it, it really did feel like a dream.

(But, it’s real…)

Him not needing glasses was already proof. Even with his penis half-cocked, he could recall the vivid feeling her tight snatch left.

It was 6:00 when Kenichi looked at the clock. He still had plenty of time to get to school.

As energy welled up in his body, he changed into his jogging shoes and went out into the town for a morning jog.

He ran through the downtown in thirty minutes. His body felt so light that it was hard to believe. He returned to his room with a refreshed feeling. Kenichi, who lacked any fitness or coordination, was jogging with a speed that equaled a marathon runner. Other joggers stared at him with surprise and envy.

Kenichi took a shower and had breakfast. He still stopped by the station and read the newspaper slowly. Yesterday, at this point and time he felt depressed. However, but the time he got on the train, he could feel the tremendous difference.

He was already at school early, receiving the greetings of students cheerfully. The students and teachers who know his usual behavior look at him with questioning eyes.

“Good morning!”

As soon as he entered the staff room, Kenichi greeted everyone with a loud voice. The voice was filled with confidence, overflowing in a way totally unlike the person from the day before.

“Good morning. You’re finely greeting people in the morning.”

Vice-principal Usami returns the greeting with a judging tone that only feels ironic. Kenichi was filled with dark feelings immediately. But he didn’t take the provocation, providing a casual answer. It was better to put it off to later.

When Kenichi arrived at his seat, the other middle-aged teacher talked about this and that as usual. Kenichi waited respectively.

A few minutes later, that person finally appeared in the morning staff room.

Junko Yoshikawa.

“Good morning.”

All the eyes in the classroom turn to the one who entered.

“Good morning, Mrs. Yoshikawa.”

“Good morning. Vice-principal.”

Junko Yoshikawa and the vice-principal exchange a harmless greeting, and she breezily moves to the area between the desks while attracting everyone’s attention.

Today, Junko wore a skirt a bit short for a teacher, exposing plump thighs and long legs. The hips of the tight miniskirt strained tightly, forcing one to imagine the sweetness and softness of the meat underneath.

The many male teachers, the vice-principal Usami, and even Kenichi all swallowed unconsciously.

“Good morning.”

When sitting down in front of the desk, Junk greeted as usual. Resolutely, Kenichi raised a loud cry.

“Good morning. Mrs. Yoshikawa.”

Then, not only Junko but all of the teachers in the immediate area gave surprised expressions. That was reasonable. Kenichi usually responded with minimal greetings in a feeble voice, so greeting at a respectable volume was odd.

“…Good morning, Mr. Midou.”

However, Junko quickly recovered from her surprise, wearing a socially diplomatic smile on her face and returning the greeting. Normally, Kenichi would have grown flustered by this. If he didn’t have this newfound confidence like yesterday, he would have had an urge to run away.”

“Also, this. Thank you very much. I washed it properly.”

“Ah… thank you very much.”

What Kenichi handed Junko was the handkerchief he borrowed the previous day. He brought it home, cleaned it properly, and even ironed it.

“You really saved me.”

“It’s nothing, so…”

It was a short conversation, but huge progress for Kenichi. Since started his new post in the spring at that school, he had hardly spoken to Junko, only staring at her from far away.

“Well, is everyone ready? I want to start the morning fathering…”

Kenichi wanted to talk more, but the vice-principal Usami was giving a searching glare as he said as much. He was reacting to Kenichi talking to Junko so casually; he instantly understood the jealousy and hostility mixed in.

(The senses are also sharp today…)

Strangely, the inside of his head become several times clearer. He felt like he understood the profound truth of things. The tendency became stronger after arriving at school; the internal energy seeming to active his whole body with a physical lightness.

While taking no notice of the vice-principal’s dull speech, Kenichi stole glances at the beauty Junk Yoshikawa sitting at her desk. Dark desire accumulated darkly in his body. He remembered Junko splendid body, which he had seen the day before yesterday, causing blood to flow into his hambone.


That sense began to surround him once again.

The black ripples spread out from him like a radar. He didn’t understand it completely, but he understood enough to control it somewhat. He could see the world very clearly, his five senses becoming sharp.

(Huh… Mr.s Yoshikawa is having her period…)

The state of Junko’s body in front of her desk can easily be grasped, though he doesn’t know why. That’s seemed to be why she didn’t have sex with the vice-principal yesterday.

(Hehe… it serves you right…)

Therefore, watching the irritated looking vice-principal, laughter was soothing. He had the “power” in his hand. He thought about how he should use it now while becoming excited.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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