Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 06


As soon as the chime sounded indicating that school ended, Natsuki Kurosawa of the second year appeared in a dim science preparation room as promised. If Kenichi was not mistaken, she originally would have gone to club activities because she belonged to the cheerleading department. She seemed to be playing truant somehow or other.

Her slightly flushed expression was the same as when she left, even if Kenichi didn’t particularly concentrate; he could clearly perceive that Natsuki was already excited.

“Sensei, Natsuki has come…”

She said so, and Kenichi looked at the shy Natsuki silently while sitting down on the sofa inside of the science preparation room. She hesitated a little, but when she began to advance near him slowly, Natsuki smiled with a radiant face that wouldn’t be defeated by a gravure idol.

Rather than growing flustered while facing an attractive, beautiful girl, Kenichi didn’t stir and kept his head while remaining silent.

Without getting sun, the science preparation room that faced the north side was always dim. Because Kenichi shut the curtain in the daytime, at the moment, it would take a while for eyes to become accustomed to darkness having come from the light hallway.

It was so dim inside. Kenichi could see the aura of thin light being radiated clearly from Natsuki’s body who just arrived. Its color was light pink now, and Kenichi understood that Natsuki was still dragging her daytime excitement.

(After all, isn´t she very pretty…)

Kenichi swallowed his saliva so that it wasn´t noticed in Natsuki’s presence.

Natsuki was 17 years old which was the age where women were the prettiest, even if it was judged by the eyes of a man who meets a lot of female senior high school students every day, her beauty was outstandingly.

Not to mention she had pretty features that pass what Kenichi would call an idol. Though her body was slender, she had put on moderate fat in just the right places. She had the limb charm in the way that turns a girl into a woman. The legs emerging from the checkered pattern skirt of her super mini continued to her thin ankles nimbly. The black high socks gave him an odd feeling of indecency for some reason.

It was just him with a high school girl who was so pretty and cute locked in a secret room. It was a situation that would have made him panic if it was him from yesterday. However, Kenichi understood the effect from the inhuman “power” and outwardly could keep his cool somehow while throbbing inwardly.

The beautiful girl had kindness and desire towards him certainly.

Now, with “the power” of the devil, Kenichi could reliably realize it. It became the backer that let his fainthearted shyness take bold actions.

“What brings you here?”

When Kenichi said this coolly on purpose, Natsuki almost cried for an instant still hit by the words hard. Such a face was awfully pretty, too.

“… what… it was a promise, because… also, come out.”

Kenichi looked at Natsuki straight in Natsuki’s round pupil eyes like a scientist observing an experimental animal. Natsuki breathed in, and stared back at his eyes.

Two people just stared at each other, silence in the dim room.

Meanwhile, mainly erupting from the already erect penis in his pants a black ripple mark radiated out from his body. The spreading globs were already wrapped around the whole room.

And when the wave caught Natsuki, something like semitransparent red tentacles smoothly lengthened from his body again. They climbed all over the front body of this high school girl.


The uniformed beautiful girl´s body was caught by the tentacles. She no longer seemed to be a high school student with standing, and breathed an amorous sigh. The color of the aura surrounding her whole body increased in intensity, and it was transformed from light pink into the dark color.

Nastuki began to talk and breathe in short gasps a little and was back in heat in no time.

“Come here.”

Natsuki was approaching the sofa unsteadily at Kenichi’s words. When her hand was taken, and she was pulled, she sat on the sofa so that she lined up with him just as it was.


After Kenichi saw Natsuki fall into his arm while screaming lightly, Kenichi swallowed hard because of her attractiveness again.

The long eyelashes and wide open pupils revealed a high fever. As if teary eyed, the brown eyes stared at him, a clearly unattractive science teacher. Natsuki had snow-white skin ears dyed red. His sharpened sense told him her heart was throbbing with embarrassment and excitement profusely.


Natsuki leaked out a hot sigh when she brought her face close with wet eyes. Kenichi smelled the refreshing citrus scent, and her breath was raising his excitement increasingly.

The red tentacles pulsed intensely so that she respond to it.

The aura of Natsuki’s whole body was increasingly red and brilliant, Natsuki´s body that Kenichi held, shoulder proportional to him. He was excited sexually and found his will was beginning to melt slowly.


Natsuki opened her lips like a glossy petal and sighed again. Kenichi saw that her pink tongue moved cirociro in the depths of slightly opened lips.

At that moment, she cut reason from him with a snap.



Kenichi bared his greed and took the lips of Natsuki with violent intensity. He was increasingly excited at the too sweet sense. There was technique, irritation and the gentleness, the condition of inner desire, and he indulged in the superficial feel.

Because Kenichi hadn´t gone out with a woman directly and already became 32 years old, this couldn’t be helped.

Rather than Natsuki disliking Kenichi’s quick kiss, rather she took it with rapture like it came from her favored boyfriend. Without minding her mouth becoming sticky with saliva, Kenichi let her have an abnormal teacher.

Natsuki was nonresistant to Kenichi. It was a good thing; he was fascinated with tasting her saliva such as her sweet tongue and the syrup of her mouth. In the mouth of a beautiful girl who was able to catch his notice for some time, she held a sweetness and comfort that was beyond imagination.

The reality that he was kissing the leading beauty above all in the whole school, the timid and gloomy science teacher was ecstatic.

He remained in that way for a while, but his hand crawled about her body while kissing. From the top of her uniform’s blouse with a red ribbon, he groped her chest which was about to pop out without reserve.


Still, without hating it, Natsuki let him do what he would like.

(Aaa… comfortable…)

Those words were released from a ferocious male who had dropped his mask of faintheartedness without reserve, and as her chest was groped, Kenichi tasted the pleasant sensation as he grew fascinated with her whole body.

She had been glued to his face since Kenichi’s glasses were removed, looking at Mr.Midou who was a science teacher during class. She also liked him a lot despite the fact she didn’t know the teacher whose existence was like air originally for some reason. However, all of a sudden his existence was something she couldn’t ignore. Her eyes could only see that face alone during class.

It was out of interest and curiosity that she couldn’t contain that when the class was over she went up to him to talk.

(That face… my favorite…)

It was the teacher who wore thick glasses, but he started to take them off today, who appeared. Possibly, just by seeing his face, Natsuki fell in love immediately.

Even if friends around her saw, they seemed not particularly interested. However, it was her favorite type, and Kenichi’s real face had attracted her in no time.

A respected boyfriend going to the neighboring high school had met with Natsuki several times a month for sex. But the science teacher was so attractive to her that such a boyfriend’s existence was overshadowed.

(Aaa… unbearable… very good…)

The teacher’s hands went from the hem of the blouse gradually and rubbed her chest over a pretty bra persistently. She couldn’t say he was gentle or careful either, his violent caress had no technique.

However, a pleasant feeling spread out from there towards her whole body; Natsuki was enchanted by the sweet stimulation and deepened her kiss more and more. The slim arms of hers coiled themselves around the neck of the science teacher; Natsuki clung to him like a baby while intertwining her tongue.


Whenever Natsuki got wet firmly, and her sharp nipple was rubbed, she gave a voice that blew out hot, muffled breath. Her immature sexual sense opened like a flower rapidly; a deep pleasant feeling going through her body like a middle-aged woman with repeated experience.

(t is comfortable!! Aaaah! Why…? Feeling too good!! )

Something hot got into her body from each part the teacher touches, and the pleasure exploded like a ripple with his whole body from there. For the stimulation not to be incomparable with the childish pleasure that Natsuki felt during sexual intercourse with her boyfriend, she felt like Kobune when the city was wrecked by a hurricane, but it was only the 17-year-old Natsuki who was tossed by such a condition.

“Aaah!! Teacher!! There!! I feel you there!”

Her blouse was exposed and her face was buried in his chest, holding the head of the teacher who was sucking her nipple which had jumped out of her bra. Natsuki was outstanding in the whole school and attracting attention pleased her. When her erect nipple was snatched with his tongue and was strongly drawn up, an enormously pleasurable electric current ran through her spine and a cry was raised from her nose unconsciously.

“Aaah!! There!! There, good Yes!! I feel ugh!!”

His lubberly fingers passed through a certain place of the panties. While doing that, Kenichi invaded the Natsuki’s vagina who was thoroughly wet. There that floral nectar overflowing from the interior of her womb and became thick. Her walls tightened up so that it was narrow and painful, his fingers not moving smoothly.

When Kenichi sucked on her mouth while Natsuki suffered prettily, her lip opened immediately, and a tongue was moved aggressively until it was tied with hers. Kenichi hung the fishy saliva, swallowing in gulps without hesitating while his eyes dyed red slightly.

“… Pull your tongue out…”

Natsuki stuck out her pink pretty tongue upon orders. It was covered with the saliva of a beautiful girl with such sweet syrup, and Kenichi sucked it while raising a buzz inside of his throat.

The honey pot of the 17 years old tightened on his finger and he moved it up her vagina with a kyuukyuu. Kenichi tasted an unbearably good flavor while foreboding, dark blood flowed into a full cavernous body increasing it tightly.

(Yes, it is best….)

He coveted the body of the beautiful girl absorbedly but finally pulled himself together only a little. Anyway, for Kenichi who didn´t have much experience with a woman so far, it was no wonder that he lost reason since Kenichi obtained the opportunity to perform the immoral sexual act with an exceptionally beautiful girl.

While pleasuring her whole body, Kenichi suddenly came to his senses. Natsuki stared at him with hot, steady eyes. The eyes were enraptured by passion and they trailed off with sultry, seductive appearance despite her childish features.

The aura given off by Natsuki’s body was brilliant, deep red, and even someone wasn’t aware of this aura, it was still possible to sense it. The color revealed that Natsuki’s sexual excitement was at its climax, and Kenichi stood, taking off his belt.


Pants were taken down with a metal sound clattering, Kenichi’s male genitals appeared there directly, and she uttered a cry of disbelief.

It grew overwhelmingly from the crotch of the teacher. It was a weapon which was huge like some kind of abnormal joke. After it could be seen towering in the illumination of the dim science preparation room, Kenichi remembered it was like the tail of the devil that came out from a fairy tale.

Natsuki thought it was big when she touched the top of his pants early in the day, but to see the real thing in one’s eyes, she felt fear to the unreasonable size. When she considered the white organ of her boyfriend, this dark organ of dark meat exceeded it by three rotations.


After it aimed at her and she judged the head of this huge poisonous snake with a sickle-shaped neck, Natsuki screamed from the inside of her throat. However, like a frog glaring at a snake, she was bound by fear and couldn´t move.

“Open your legs…”

When ordered so briefly by the man who was bent over her while blowing out a rough breath like a beast while sounding stuck with ticktacks, Natsuki slowly opened her long, white legs which wore black high socks. When Natsuki stared at a teacher whose eyes became muddy in animal desire, she couldn´t defy him at all as if she was hypnotized.

(Aah… Natsuki is scared… but… but, wow…)

While feeling fear as only a 17-year-old could to a huge penis that was too unreasonable, on the other hand, her body wanted the hot lump in the interior of her womb. The depths of her uterus ached hot helplessly since a little while ago, and she couldn’t help wanting to be attacked by the stout thing.


When she finished opening her legs completely, Natsuki could almost see the thin pink panties from her short skirt. Though her ears were made deep red in shyness, she opened her legs in the m-shape as it was called; she took a shameful appearance on the sofa. Her black socks covering the white calves were sexy.

As a sacrifice to the devil, Natsuki´s body was bursting with youth and energy; Kenichi let her melt away softly.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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