Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 05


Pouring their desire into greedily kissing each other, Kenichi and Natsuki groped each other’s bodies while their mouth’s made erotic wet noises.

Though Kenichi thought that she was a girl who would know nothing, when Natsuki put her hand on the bulge between Kenichi’s thighs, she stroked the arching thing through the top of his pants skillfully with her small hands.

“Yes, oh, yes…”

While performing an indecent act with her uniformed figure, sounding childish by moaning with a nasal voice, and tying her tongue aggressively, Natsuki’s actions caused Kenichi mind to dream. He hugged Natsuki and put his hands up her short skirt. Natsuki’s rapidly moving hips were being enjoyed by both of his hands.

Over her smooth underwear, the thin rump of fat was stroked and rubbed like a blue fruit. Hot breath flowed out of Natsuki’s mouth. When she sucked up her tongue resolutely, without protesting, she went into rapture, absorbed in the motions while slurping and drinking her saliva as if it was sweet syrup.

The red tentacles spread infinitely from Kenichi´s body, twining around her whole form. Natsuki´s excitement was also increasing with each tentacle and Kenichi understood that her breath was becoming rough.

After he finished enjoying the feeling of Natsuki´s hips for a while, one hand moved up her miniskirt slowly. When Kenichi opened his eyes and quietly asked about her state, Natsuki frowned tightly with a pained look, but still, there wasn´t any resistance. The white light that spread from all over her body was turning red steadily.


When he pushed his finger against the secret part of her panties, Natsuki was struck with a current. She trembled like a bull, but she still kept going. When the tentacle from his palm was drawn in between the thighs near her panties, he followed the rhythm of the pulsation causing Natsuki to whimper.

(It’s wonderful…)

That place Kenichi stroked and rubbed was getting wet with the body fluid that a girl released, and the love juice which wasn´t absorbed by her panties came to the surface whenever he pushed, it leaked all over his finger. When Kenichi became rapturous and touched Natsuki, her body became a little stiff.

“Sorry, did I hurt you…?”

“No, Sensei… it is all right…”

When she whispered so while also smiling bravely, Natsuki was bringing one hand to his neck and pulling him in preparation for another aggressive deep kiss. She gently fondled between Kenichi’s groin, using her hands slowly while doing so. Natsuki seemed to be used to such a sexual act in spite of her appearance.

Kenichi´s dick swelled up to the limit of the vicinity in his trunks and he had discharged pre-cum in his underwear slowly since a little while ago.


When Kenichi´s love liquid came out only a little and mixed thoroughly to make his crotch wet, it stimulated Natsuki´s childish sexual sense and she twisted her waist slowly in an awkward state while she put her finger between Kenichi’s groin. When her finger grasped his penis through the dripping wet shorts, Natsuki shook her whole body tremblingly while sucking on her tongue. She seemed to have reached a mild orgasm.


Unlike his middle-aged temperament, he became impatient as he groped between the groin of Natsuki while she was cumming and instead went for it, his long finger inserted between the gap of her panties into her intimate place.

“Ah! Ah! Ah!”

However, the beautiful girl closed her eyes tightly more and more and only clung to Kenichi. There wasn´t any dislike at all. Still feeling embarrassed, things preceded more with a pleasant feeling. Her face was made so deep red that it was pitiful and even her earlobes dyed like a cute pink cherry shell.

(This is wonderful! Wonderful!)

The finger already touched the mucous membrane directly and it seems that the energy of Kenichi’s desire was poured between Natsuki’s thighs directly. He didn’t mediate between the tentacle which twines around with direct contact to the skin and the mucous membrane that conveyed 100% of the power of his greed.

(Oh, oh! Wow… it overflows steadily…)

It seemed to respond to the energy of Kenichi’s desire which was being absorbed.

While playing with this eminent beauty’s crotch until she was completely wet, in this all-girls’ high school of all places, Kenichi with few sexual experiences became very happy. Natsuki’s vagina overflowed so that the love liquid couldn’t be believed and her flattering body became really hot and bothered.

“Huuu, uhhh!”

Every time Kenichi crawled his finger between her legs they twitched tightly. Still, Natsuki opened her legs a little so that he may touch.

“Ding Dong Ding Dong.”

He got into it with Natsuki’s vagina really absorbedly. Suddenly, the school bell rang and Kenichi soon came to his senses.

The break was over in another five minutes. He practically recovered like he was coming out of a dream, returning to his usual timid character and pulling out his finger, separating from Natsuki’s body.

The red tentacles which twined around Natsuki’s body dispersed over the next moment and disappeared.

(Are you angry?)

However, Natsuki was absentminded even if he asked about her state. It didn´t seem to become a situation where she became afraid of him. Rather, while Natsuki was looking at him even when they stopped kissing she had a dreamy expression.

The aura rising from her body was still turning red.

“No, teacher… Though you didn´t need to stop it…”

“Wait a minute!“

“Teacher, do you have no class next? Although, when I play truant, I am able to do it more.”

He dissolutely laughed at Natsuki as she says so. Her face is the female face which knew nature’s joy.

It was clear that Natsuki really wished for sexual intercourse even in this place. The heat and smell from her body were telling that more eloquently than the words Natsuki gave. For Kenichi, who was now coming to his senses after his abnormal state, as she appeared, he was content.

“But… ”

However, the mind of a teacher and the sense of ethics still remained in him and he gave a vague answer. He also wished to have sex with this student sincerely.

“Not right now, because of the head teacher, it’d be difficult. It’ll be better after school because you can come here to help me then.”

When Kenichi looked bright red while saying so, Natsuki turned around on her heels and went out of the door. The body odor which Natsuki left behind, the weak feeling left on his lips, and the fresh and lewd smell that raised from his fingers told Kenichi who was struck dumb that this wasn’t a dream.



Kenichi stayed in the dusky science preparation room without eating. He thought and began to write down about the conventionally mysterious situation that suddenly happened today in a notebook.

-Myopia was cured suddenly.

-I found a solution to not hearing head teacher’s talk.

-Pale light like an aura was seen from Kurosawa’s body.

-When I had a carnal desire which welled up, a black ripple mark appeared and senses became sharp.

-Something like a red tentacle came out of my body.

-When it climbed all over her body, the aura of Kurosawa turned red.

-With it, did Kurosawa become excited?

-Other students don´t have an aura (I don´t see it?).

He tapped his desk with the bottom of the pen innumerable times. It was a habit of his when he thought about something.

(This is related to that dream apparently….)

That was the present conclusion when he couldn’t get any more ideas. It was from this morning that a strange affair started because last night’s realistic dream was apparently the trigger.

The words that the devil left in the nightmare last night, he was certain that they were the key that united these strange affairs.

“The power is yours.”

That devil said so. Then, are these the “power” that the devil said? And it came because he was chosen.

(There isn´t a mystery that can’t be solved yet.)

Kenichi wrote with thoughts with a facile pen and made a memo.

Why was I chosen?

Why did Yoshikawa-sensei and Usami appear in the dream?

It was written there and the pen stopped.

He didn´t understand it no matter how much he considered more questions. The last question had an answer somehow or other. When he thought about the state of that nightmare calmly over and over, he felt despair, rage and an intense lust at that time.

(Indeed, feelings that the devil seemed to like …)

When tempted by the devil, they say that humans traditionally have bad feelings sprout up. In other words, it is a negative state that the devil gets into and shines. When someone is jealous of a person and curses him, or when he feels anger and sexual desire, it may be that a person becomes easier to be taken in by a devil.

(Indeed, I, at that time, was far from the ideal state….)

If a devil tried to take him in, there wouldn’t be anything to make him induce such negative feelings more than that scene. Kenichi despaired and certainly felt the sorrow at that time. He remembered feeling jealous with intense anger towards Usami and at the same time, he felt hate for Junko with bare desire.

He thought that he could figure it out if he considered more examples.

His penis remembered desire for Natsuki and swelled up. The perception was amplified and diffused explosively, thousands of times now. He felt like he was being wrapped in perception.

He was only quick to understand it now. The sense at that time was that his perception power exceeded the common sense of man. Though this thought was groundless, it had happened around him at that moment. Kenichi held the “firm belief” that all phenomena could be perceived.

(Is my sexual desire the key to this?)

He remembered the optimistic touch of Natsuki´s lips which he had tasted that morning. He took his finger to his nose after doing so; Kenichi could smell it and take in the residual substance of the body fluid of the girl vividly.

Usually, he had the abnormal desire where he would like to rape the good-looking students of the school, but he hide the dark animal passion in the depths of his heart. This was making his hambone well up from the memory of Natsuki´s vivid body.

“After all…”

The situation of the circumference changed completely and shined like a crystal. He understood that one’s sense is radicalized. It is said that dogs have several thousand times a sharper sense of smell than humans. The scent, sight, and hearing are so sensitive that he now surpassed an excellent police dog. The state around himself could be grasped more than that.

(What’s this?)

Furthermore, when he confirmed the state of himself carefully, he began to swell with power, and a black wave spread from him again. He found out that it’s like a ripple mark when throwing a stone into the surface of the lake.

Kenichi enlarged the range enhancing the power of the wave, which spread out around him. Surprisingly, it was unaffected by obstacles in space or the wall. The wave opened spherically and sent information from his center indiscriminately.

It was totally a high-performance sonar radar.

Kenichi was bewildered by the flood of too much miscellaneous information at first. However, he removed unnecessary information and gradually got used to matching the focus of the lens. He came to be able to obtain only the target information that he aimed at precisely.

(Kurosawa is eating with somebody …)

Natsuki sat side by side with a friend at a corner in the classroom for a meal at noon now. There was much distance from here to Natsuki’s classroom, of course, and he didn´t see Natsuki´s form physically because walls separated them. However, with the accuracy of the information his spreading perception captured, it told him the situation of the place that he’d like to know.

(If I’m absorbed, it’s wonderful….)

Kenichi was in seventh heaven for the new power that he got. He opened the radar of perception looking for his next prey. From the room on the 5th floor of the schoolhouse, he was looking for the figure of his aim who was somewhere in the school building like an x-ray.

(It was, it was…)

He located an objective person. Of course, it was Junko Yoshikawa, the English teacher.

Junko was in the restroom for teachers which was immediately next to the staff room on the 1st floor. She just sat down on a toilet in the female restroom, opened her leg and was wiping between the thighs with paper.

She rolled up the skirt and took down her pantyhose and panties. A purple cloth with the very glaring design was spread tightly between her slender legs.

Junko was getting excited with sexual desire before menstruation, though with what she did yesterday, today; he body was still expecting a love affair. It could be understood that it ached within her groin. While wiping a wet place with paper, she sometimes made uh-oh sighs. It would be the result tasting the stimulation that was unbearable with the rubs of granulated tissue.

“Aah… it is so… But it is unbearable…”

When it’s murmured lightly, Junko was erotic just as it is.

Using a finger, her clitoris was being stroked. Then the finger movement gradually became intense where it didn´t stop.

In yesterday’s reverberation and today’s expectation, her body ached, and there was no help for it. She opened the lips getting wet with rouge and leak a sigh; she closed the slit, eyes with rapture in the depths of her metal frame glasses.

“Today…Today I’m loved …”

She imagined the sexual congress with a sturdy male, and her body flushed steadily.

“Aaa… Yosuke… I break… ”

When two thin fingers were arranged in order, she made them dive into her vagina while she got wet and was dripping out honey. When she deposited and withdrew it firmly at the tight entrance with one sweep, she went up the stairs of ecstasy steadily while smiling in unbearable pleasure.

“Aaaa!! Cuum!!Cuuummiing!!“

While shaking her body tremblingly in the restroom for teachers, she coveted pleasure, and she emitted a high-pitched voice.


Kenichi grasped such a Junko’s state correctly while sitting down in the science preparation room far away. Of course, he didn´t hear it with an ear or judge it with an eye. Still, he understood the physical state of the present Junko by keen perception very clearly.

(This has been fascinating…)

He headed towards the afternoon class and left the preparation’s room with the feeling that he wanted to whistle. It was a thin laughing, but the laughter was far from the faintheartedness that he showed until a while ago.

After dark desire filled his body, his expression gradually underwent a complete change from the inside, but neither the person nor anything around him had yet noticed.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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