Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 02


Midou Kenichi had a terrible and realistic nightmare that evening.

There was a huge and pitch-black space as if he was in some kind of different dimension. Kenichi stood on a column that rose high up in the darkness.

He was surrounded by blazing flames that offered no refuge, the incandescent hell hot enough to burn his hair right off. Kenichi began to panic.

The area he stood was only an arms-length wide. Looking down was terrifying, an infinite darkness spreading beyond sight. His life would certainly be forfeit if he was to fall.

“I have to escape, quickly.”

Although he said this, he had no concrete plan to escape from here even with his instincts beckoning him to run away as soon as possible. It happened quite often that in dreams the brain doesn´t operate like it should and so you could say that his judgment wasn´t normal at that moment.


When Kenichi heard a mysterious voice he looked up at the sky. The pitch-black sky shone against the roaring flames and a large pitch-black bird flew down from the darkness.

However, it wasn´t exactly a bird. When he saw it better, it had a head, hands, and feet and Kenichi understood then that it was a winged human.

But that was also a mistake. It looked like a human but it was much bigger than a human, and it also had a long tail.

“What is that?”

Even if he shouted, nobody would answer, of course. The thing which had wings like a bird came straight towards Kenichi. While it was approaching, Kenichi noticed that it wasn´t simply mysterious but also possessed an ominously evil aura.

“Hiii. Ah, a devil!”

As soon as the shape became clear, Kenichi knew that it was the figure of a devil which he had seen in movies and books. Its brilliant red eyes were glaring. Its mouth was split to a triangular-shaped form and in its jaw one could see tusks growing from the top and bottom. The devil was covered with black hair from head to foot and its tail grew from the buttocks while bending like a whip.

“Oh, Wow!”

Kenichi shuddered in fear because the space around him was only two tatami mats wide and besides him, the world was wrapped in roaring flames without any room to escape or hide. When the devil reached the same level as Kenichi, it stood firm with a daunting pose in the blazing flames while emitting an ominous aura.

The body of Kenichi and the head of the devil were about the same size and Kenichi and the devil were just in the right position to face each other. Kenichi was staring in utter amazement at the devil. He tried to close his eyes but wasn’t able to do so for some reason.

“Make a contract.”

Suddenly, a voice sounded in his head and Kenichi immediately realized that it was the devil who was still staring at him that had said it. While standing in the flames, the devil looked at Kenichi and seemed to ask for a response.

“Contract what?”

While Kenichi asked, he trembled in fear.

“You were chosen to contract with me.”

He heard the voice again, but the mouth of the devil didn´t move. It was clear that the devil said it and Kenichi figured that it was something like telepathy.

The voice was strangely like the high-pitched voice of a woman who was hoarse.

“What is this contract?”

The devil remained silent without answering.

In front of Kenichi, the figure of a nude man and woman who intertwined with each other suddenly appeared. It might be said that they appeared abruptly and they appeared from the space where there was nothing before.

A luxurious bed was in front of the speechless Kenichi and the man and woman were stark-naked while being intensely engaged in sex. The man let the woman kneel on all fours and was torturing her from the rear by aggressively using his waist. The woman wiggled her whole body while raising a high-pitched voice and the intense thrusts of the man met her plump hips while she shook them.

“Ah! It is unbearable.”

Kenichi was startled by the naughty voice given by the woman. He remembered hearing this voice somewhere before.

“Oh, that’s impossible.”

The short wavy brown hair which he often had seen and the slender and developed figure belongs to a woman he knew.

“Ms. Yoshikawa.”

The woman who appeared in front of Kenichi now and associated with the man taking her in a rear-entry position fiercely was his co-worker from the private girl’s high school where Kenichi worked as a temporary teacher. Namely, it was Junko Yoshikawa who was in charge of English.

She was 27 years old, single, studied abroad, and she was good-looking, her perfect body charming Kenichi. With a probable bust size exceeding 95, he could clearly confirm the volume even from the conservative suit which she usually wears. It created a perfect curve from the ridge line of the massive bust to her waist and strangled it with all its might. The waist size should be slightly less than 60 centimeters. Furthermore, her hips greatly stretched the fascination of men. The eyes of the male co-workers were always nailed to the seductive hips and even Kenichi understood it by looking at that skirt.

Kenichi was secretly in love with Junko.

“It´s there! Do it harder, please.“

While swinging her stained hips which Kenichi assumed were white and plentiful, Junko asked the man going in from behind with a melting voice for more intensity. Her expression turned on by the man was far apart from the usually intelligent Junko and showed the face of a woman crazy with lust. Like oil pouring in the fire, it was unbearable to Kenichi how she glanced seductively at the man behind her. Her lips which were bright red with lipstick rolled up lightly. Her pink tongue moved in an indecent and slimy way around her lips.

Every day, Junko, who was serious and intelligent, showed a smile of kindness to anyone, but her current figure and expression were sexy and naughty so that imagination wasn’t possible.

“Ahiiiii! More! Pierce me more!”

The man behind her gasped and moved his waist more intensely, taking advantage of the growing weak state of Junko. When his hands which were grasping the waist stretched out, he made a grab at Junko’s outstanding voluptuous bust and held and rubbed it. He even played with Junko´s nipples which became erect between his fingers. Every time Junko’s white breast were rubbed, their shape changed and they were gradually dyed red.

“Iiii! Iyaan. Cumming!”

When she cried out with a high-pitched voice, Junko felt the climax. The movement stopped while her whole body trembled.

However, the man tortured Junko more without care. Without being shaken by the clamping of Junko’s honeypot, the man still continued his piston movements.

He’d be an outstanding technician. His dick went in and out from Junko´s finished vagina keeping it open. Kenichi saw that the love juice which overflowed were hanging down between Junko and the man’s thighs. Kenichi has an intense erection while watching the Junko’s sex.

Without noticing Kenichi who is within the striking zone, the man and Junko continue their intense sex in front of Kenichi endlessly. The white nude body of Junko, which became wet with sweat and slimy from head to feet shined and Kenichi felt like paying a little attention to the figure of the man who attacked her like a devil beast from behind.

He concentrated his consciousness to see the man better.

“Oh, that’s impossible.”

The muscular body which had slicked-back hair with pomade was darkly tanned from playing golf.

“Vice-principal Usami!”

The veil started to come off at the same time that Kenichi cried. It was clearly visible, the face of the man with a wicked smile while violating Junko in a rear-entry position. Without a mistake, the figure of the man was Yosuke Usami who was the vice-principal of the Ellis girl`s high school.

“It’s too much.”

Usami was 45 years old, an excellent teacher and Kenichi believed he had a wife and a child, too. His popularity with women was very high because the form of his body was skillfully trained with sports.

But still, Junko Yoshikawa, who should be called the Madonna of the school, the beloved person who Kenichi fell in love with so badly, of all things, she had an affair with the vice principal.

“No, this time in missionary position, please Yosuke.”

“HA-HA! Junko is so demanding in various ways.”

Junko turned over on her back by herself in front of a stunned Kenichi and her elegant legs opened wide. She snorted and begged for the insertion of his dick into her genitals. The Junko’s vagina which was obscene and wet was ravaged by the stiffness of Usami`s dick and she was unusually biting her lips.

“Hey, hey. Quick, quick, put it in…”

While saying so, her expression was sexy and crazed from heat. Junko opened her legs and made her waist rise up while she licked with her tongue as a gesture to tempt Usami. She was totally like a prostitute and she was so indecent that someone could hardly think that she taught in an all girl’s high school.

“Kuku. Junko is lewd. For Midou-sensei who always stares at you patiently, I would like to show him this figure now. ”

Kenichi was stunned by his name being called and a chill ran through his body.

“Oh, no, not this time.”

Junko said so and snorted.

“I’ll show him to the whole extent, whether you like it or not!”

In addition to the words Usami spoke vehemently, Junko shook her head in disapproval.

“To show it to such a person is very unpleasant. He looks at me with his indecent eyes as if he would lick me clean, because of that I feel disgusted.”

Junko’s expression showed she was full of contempt and hatred. It was an expression that was so far never seen during Kenichi´s time at school.

“You know, I really hate such a gloomy man. Just to breathe the same air as him makes me feel disgusted and chilly.”

Junko, whose expression melted in lust until just now, showed a face like she had swallowed something bitter and had to spit it out. It faithfully expressed the true nature of this woman. Her words and expressions showed that there was no question to her feelings.

Junko always showed a kind smile to Kenichi, which was the same smile she showed to all teachers.

However, it was a feigned mask. The one which was just seen was the true form of Junko. Kenichi was convinced that this was her true feelings for him without fabrication.


I understood it. I understood it, but the shock of knowing the truth didn´t change.

“Ah, by the way, quickly, quickly insert it.”

“Kukuku. You are such a pervert.”

“No, I became so naughty because of you. Yosuke made me such a shameless woman.”

The woman who Kenichi loved had an affair with the man who had a child and a wife. Besides, by all odds, she was madly in love with him and you could see that her heart and her body were enslaved.

As for Kenichi, his heart was filled dark with despair and sorrow. There were no words for the truth in front of him.

Kenichi was completely calm in this situation, where the vivid mix up between Usami and Junko still continued mercilessly. Her waist wriggled from the bottom and Junko anxiously awaited Usami`s insertion by looking up with sexy and chilly-liked eyes towards Usami.

“Quickly, hurry up! I want your thick penis.”

While laughing thinly, Usami pushed his wet and soaring penis into her vagina and it went in Junko’s vagina hole.

“Aaah! Amaaazzzing!”

Junko let out her voice as soon as it is entered and raised a “hii hii“ scream. Usami was laughing at Junko’s reaction and was ramming his dick more intensely. Cloudy liquid overflowed from the two merged people sloppily and a lecherous smell seemed to drift to Kenichi.

Both are just devoted to the intense sex in front of Kenichi. They repeated intensely deep kisses while bumping their waist against each other and spreading their pleasure. With a moist sound, the meat thrusted in, and Junko raised her voice more.

“… Again, stop…”

Kenichi muttered so and felt hopeless. The scene developing in front of him was an illusion, but Kenichi was convinced that it was the mirror from which the truth was copied at the same time.

Although these two people were teachers, they had a possibility to make immoral sex under the cover of the eyes of another person in this way. This scene was possible because it was shown in this way in his dream, and while he didn’t know why that was so, Kenichi noticed intuitively that it was an obvious fact.

He was thinking that the actions and words of Junko’s figure meant she felt something for vice-principal Usami. However, Kenichi himself who loved Junko might have pretended not to notice it.

“Ah, ah, more! Do it harder. Violate Junko more!”

“Ms. Yoshikawa.“

Junko showed a gentle smiling face on the surface, but if it was an ill and gloomy man, they weren’t liked in her mind. The real intention came straight, and Kenichi’s despair was immeasurable as he understood the feelings without deception.

Besides, these two people mentioned his name as the spice of their pleasure. Only for them, Kenichi’s love was made a laughingstock as a source of their joy.

“Yosuke, more! Ruin me more.“

Junko whispered that with an entranced expression, without looking at Kenichi’s eyes which were being seen at the side, staring at the face of Usami who violated her in missionary position.

“Stop, stop it!”

The look belonged to a man and women who fell in love and exchange their pleasure with sex. It was seductively attractive and several times more beautiful than the glimpse he remembered while masturbating to Junko as a side dish many times.

“I beg you, please stop! “

Kenichi almost went mad and cried to the devil that stood over there in the flames.

“Aaa, there! Thrust there more.’

Just now, he became desperate and tried to avert his eyes but couldn’t. Kenichi had no choice but to look freely at the sex of those two and before his eyes, their sex became more and more real. Kenichi hit his head hard. His heartbeat became intense and he was tormented by the feeling of loathsomeness and sickness.

“Deep! It is so deep in! Aaaah, it’s unbearable!”

He knew that it was a dream and that the devil right in front of him plotted everything. Even if it was the mirror from which the truth was copied and a delighted situation could be shown, he was unable to be calm here, because the woman who he liked all this time was taken by another man.

“Aaah! Inside, I’d like to take it out inside. It is hot, give it to me!“

“Please, just cum! End it already.”

Kenichi was imploring to the devil while shedding large tears. Meanwhile, Junko was in agony on the bed, she began to spin praises and gasps of pleasure from each of Usami’s thrusts.

“Ah! Again, I´m going to cum. Yosuke! Oh, it is filling, cumming, cuuuuummming! “

Although Junko made the smiling face which Kenichi loved melted with pleasure, she smiled at Usami with rapture and tasted her orgasm. Usami lost a sweet shrinkage, too. He scattered his semen in the interior of Junko´s womb while groaning and saying.


“Hiiiiiiiiiiii! Ah, ah!”

She was bathed with semen inside her vagina. Junko closed her eyes with an expression of supreme bliss which she never showed at school. Without it being possible to avert his eyes from that expression after it was shown by force, something cut into Kenichi and he felt that something important in him broke.

He cried aloud before he even realized it.

“Stop it, stop it! Please, stop it!”

“Contract with me.”

The devil had begun to whisper in his mind again.

“I’ll do anything for the contract, so please, stop asking me.”

“The power is yours.”

At that moment, the voice was heard once again. Junko who was stark-naked together with vice-principal Usami, the flames and the devil disappeared, and the world blacked out. Kenichi felt like he was falling into nothingness like a swamp without the bottom.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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