Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 01


“… It was Dr. Watson and Dr. Crick who proposed that DNA took the form of a double-helix structure which they announced in 1953. It is said that the authors decided the order of their names on the manuscript by flipping a coin… “During an afternoon class, a middle-aged man in a suit spoke with a subdued voice in a classroom. That man wore black edge glasses with thick lens and stood before the teaching lectern. He was expanding on the textbook with a biology lecture to a group of schoolgirls who sat in rows throughout the room.

However, they lacked drive and cheerfulness, his monotonous voice creating a somber atmosphere devoid of enthusiasm.

His face was thin and white and he seemed to be really nervous and unhealthy. His eyes behind the glasses had been moving restlessly for some time while he stared at the textbook in a way that showed his unease and timidity. His hair was unkempt and unclean to the point that he received looks of hate and contempt from many women.

Although the science teacher had been lecturing for some time, it was really noisy in the class, just like during lunch. Many schoolgirls were discussing things endlessly with their friends while laughing in loud voices.

There were also some quiet students, many taking naps, while others ignored the teacher’s lecture and studied by themselves.

Anyway, it was a common occurrence that none of the schoolgirls in Class 4 of the second year paid any attention to the science teacher’s lecture because he always looked so gloomy.

“It was that, well… and I met someone the other day…”

“You met someone…? Is it by any chance that guy?”

“That’s right… Koji… still likes one now.”

“Because Natsuki said he broke up the other day!”

“Well… is it so… I don’t even remember…”

On the side of the classroom with the windows, there was a group of three girls who were talking in especially loud voices. The three people had moved their chairs into a ring like you might see in a coffee shop while they talked. They chatted happily while disregarding the science teacher since the class began.

All three girls were 17 years old and very pretty, but the schoolgirl who sat in the center of the group had an appearance that by far stood out from the rest.

That girl was just called Natsuki by her friend. She had glossy hair which was lightly curled to her shoulders, and a small oval face to match. She had bright black eyes and her fringed long eyelashes were also very adorable. Her small, red lips continued from a high sharp nose. When she laughed, the snaggletooth which was just visible through her lovely lips only served to accent her exquisiteness and her most charming point.

The instructor glanced over at the lovely Natsuki, who cackles at the center of her group and then returns his eyes to the textbook again. His mind said that he shall do something about the noisy classroom, but there is no way of dealing with it because he was just a coward, after all. At the time he was first appointed, he tried to get their attention many times, but even then, he was bathed in the looks of ridicule and hate from all the girls. Nowadays, he only prayed that time passed by quickly.

This time, someone had heard the noisy classroom and thus opened the door.

“Hey, why is it so loud? Its class right now. So, you all need to be quiet!”

The classroom scene immediately responded to the dignified voice in an instant, the students who had moved their chairs without permission immediately put them back to their proper place. Every schoolgirl was overwhelmed by the force of that man standing at the classroom’s entrance and followed his instructions without complaint.

The schoolgirls watched the dandy looking middle-aged man who had just appeared with enchanted expressions on their faces. Even Natsuki, who was talking loudly a while ago, was among them.

“Midou-sensei, What are you doing… You should do your job properly.”

The man changed his angry expression toward the science teacher while questioning his leadership.

“… Yes…”

It was just as the man had said. Midou-san looked down the front of the platform in silence without being able to offer an argument.

“Well… good. Come to my place afterward, okay… Also, you guys, be quiet! Okay!”

He said this before turning and leaving the classroom of Class 4 second years with the same abruptness that he entered. The school girls who were quiet just a moment before began chattering again in low voices while looking around at each other.

“Oh, shit… Usami-sensei is so cool…”

“Really, I can’t believe he is the same age as your father…”

“Such a good-looking Oji-san, I wonder if he has a girlfriend…”

Natsuki and the others of her three-person group were laughing and giggling again while resuming their talk. As expected, it isn’t as loud as it was a while ago, but there was no change in their arrogant behavior while they ignored their teacher’s voice.

The reality was the Midou-san knew that the girls despised him.

However, he lifted his thick black-edged glasses with his hands and breathed out a small sigh, offering a pray to Buddha, and then restarting the class like it was an important mission in his life.


Finally, freed from the long torture, he sits down on his chair and takes a breath. Midou-san has returned to his personal room which served as a sanctuary where no one bothered him.

While the room has a window that faces north, there is very little light because he hung thick blackout curtains so that the room could become pitch-black at midday when it was closed.

However, Midou Kenichi, a temporary teacher at the prestigious Ellis All-girl High School, liked this gloomy room. Even he didn’t understand it well, but his mind felt at ease when he was in this room as if his worries could be forgotten.

The Ellis All-girls High school was a traditional all-girls’ school which continued their tradition since the Meiji Era. Most of the girls who graduated from this school came from prestigious families or were daughters of politicians. Therefore, it was connected with many private universities and had a habit of admitting many students into college after the recommendation of the high school’s president. This made the popularity of this school very high for examiners and parents and the entrance examination became a very narrow gate to enter this high school.

However, the science classes had decreased significantly because the school laid emphasis on the examinations for university entry. Therefore, the science laboratory next to this room was used for class only a few times a year.

Thus, anyone could find some time for peace if they were able to make it to this room undisturbed. If there is no practice class of chemistry or a biology class science preparation, then Kenichi could kick up his heels and feel relaxed in this inner part of the building’s fifth floor.

Kenichi was not a very sociable person. It was not bothersome for him at all to shut himself up here all day long. However, it was necessary for him to go to the tennis court after school, as the tennis club exercised and he was the vice-advisor of the club.

Even so, Kenichi was still caught in Usami’s sermon. Usami was especially slimy, shady, and persistent towards Kenichi. He was a vice-principal who was popular among the students as he resembled a fit athlete, but Kenichi knew him to be a sly sadist and really hateful towards men.

In the staff room where other teachers would frequent with purpose, Kenichi would find himself abused for hours. Of course, Kenichi was aware he lacked leadership as a teacher, but it could be said the Usami’s methods were eccentric.

After Kenichi’s class, his attitude and leadership were carefully taken apart. Even his clothing and hairstyle were shredded in fine, very detailed criticisms by Usami-san. The other teachers made expressions to say they were already tired of hearing the discussion once again.

Of course, even Kenichi was mortified.

However, coming from the vice-principal, a young elite displaying confidence and results as a teacher, there was no one who could make an argument against him.

The 32-year-old Kenichi only became a temporary science teacher at this school in the spring. Before this, he worked as a lecturer and tutor at a small private supplementary school and lived on a part-time income without getting a regular job. Then, he borrowed the power of an uncle who was one of Ellis High School’s directors to gain his current employment as the temporary science teacher.

He graduated from a third-rate private university, which was unavoidable.

His character is so-so and his appearance, simply, is gloomy and introversive. Of course, he hasn’t been popular with women since he was born.

With such character, he didn’t have confidence towards himself, in contrast to the vice principal Usami, who was always bright, cheerful, energetic, handsome, and stylish. Kenichi was hanging his head without the possibility to counter with an opponent such as Usami standing in front of him for an hour.

He remembered the thing he had been keeping in his pocket and took it out. It was a handkerchief with flower patterns. The handkerchief was applied with a peculiar smell of a woman and he breathed in the sweet smell to fill his chest.


He remembered the face of the owner of this handkerchief and laughed thinly.

This morning at the morning assembly, a female teacher with a really pretty face who sat opposite of Kenichi laughed with a pretty smile and leant her handkerchief to Kenichi after he spilled water from a glass. He recalled her gentle smile, and his heart throbbed wildly.

Kenichi had admired her since he started his new post in the spring. She was the female teacher known as the Madonna of this school and was someone he held in his heart.

Of course, to say he loved her loses all sense of reality. It was clear that she was unreachable for him. He had no choice but to admire her beauty and cleanness from afar. Even imagining himself going out with a beautiful woman like her wasn’t possible, so he worshiped her like a goddess which was all he could do.

But Kenichi was still happy.

One day she would marry someone else. It could be a Scion of a large company or an elite salaryman. In any case, a young and handsome millionaire is suitable to marry a beautiful woman like her. He never matched himself with her.

Kenichi was aware he was such a naturally negative thinker.

Of course, his face wasn’t good looking, but you couldn’t compliment his behavior either. At the third-rate university where he studied, only his science grades were good as he struggled to learn in all the other courses, only just managing to pass.

At his current age, Kenichi didn’t have any girlfriend, and he had no courage, or experience speaking with women, making him a representative of the typical unpopular man.

“Aa… Yoshikawa-sensei…”

When he put the handkerchief to his nose, taking in the fragrant smell of the beautiful body of Junko Toshikawa, blood gathered in Kenichi’s penis. Kenichi brought down the zipper of his pants with his right hand slowly. He took his erected penis out easily in the middle of school.

He had a superb penis, surprisingly strong and vigorous.

His whole thing was towering. Its length and thickness were like the arm of a child, and it even was erected to the tip. It wiggled like an earthworm and on the surface throbbed thick blood vessels. His erected penis overhanging was more shameful.

Kenichi, who didn’t have any experience, didn’t realize how abnormally large he was. His lack of sexual experience was a waste of a treasure.

He began to stroke his huge penis with one hand and in the other, he held the handkerchief to his nose.

“… Aaa… Junko…”

In the delusion, he called Yoshikawa by her first name. The figure of Yoshikawa-san that he had seen many times was engraved in his memory but was bare-naked in his mind. It was an act that he had repeated innumerable times, and it was the type of masturbation that Kenichi preferred.

Yoshikawa-san had an incredible body; he realized that even though she wears tidy clothes on top of her body.

Beyond her lucid face, she wore metal-framed glasses. Her chest was so huge that even through the blouse and suit she was wearing, the looks of men were glued to her chest. When it was summer, and she wore light clothes, her white blouse was transparent and her pink and blue bra became completely exposed to the view and troubled men greatly as to where to look.

Her waist which continued from there was narrow and tight so that you could hug her body with both hands. Her hips were plump and extended from a tight skirt with force, creating a curve like you’d see in models. The ridge lines continued to curve down her elegant legs to the point where you’d sigh at the sight. Her thin legs are so luxurious that you wonder why her ankles aren’t broken.


The imagination of the beloved teacher with her perfect shaped possibly G-cup breasts stimulated Kenichi’s dick further. It leaked from the tip, the liquid ahead of the rest coming out in spurts and spilling to the side.

He wiped away the sweat. Junko’s body odor that was left residually on the handkerchief was put against his nose now and the elegant perfume and female pheromone smell mixed enchantingly. The illusion he made, was him burying his face in her tremendous breasts. Huge, white breasts.

Those sweet breasts that were so white that even a vein could be seen through their transparent color.


He wanted to save it, so as he reached a climax in no time he wrapped his penis in the handkerchief which he held in his hand in a hurry and ejaculated into it.

A large quantity of semen was released onto the handkerchief, so much that even Kenichi was disgusted while also intoxicated with pleasure.

“… Huu…”

He was stuck like that for a while so that even if he thought “My Goodness!”, it would already be too late.

(Oh well… it has been done…)

Then Kenichi saw the lace handkerchief which was fully soaked in semen, wet and dirtied. He polluted the handkerchief which he had borrowed. With much effort, he tried to find something else as an emergency, but he hadn’t and now he felt a sense of guilt and regret in his head.

(You don’t say so! What has been done cannot be helped anymore?)

It may be stained, but first of all, he decided to wash it with water as much as possible. He will wash it once again carefully after going home and then return it to Junk tomorrow. Possibly then, he may be able to exchange 2 or 3 words with her.

Kenichi wiped off the remaining semen still oozing from the tip over and over again. Then he took off the handkerchief from his penis carefully so as not to drop some outside. In that way, he dropped the handkerchief which was fully soaked with semen on the floor and with his other hand he put his penis which had become soft away into his pants.


Kenichi heard a “slurp” sound and guessed that it came from the handkerchief which fell to the floor while clicking his tongue. The reason was because he realized he probably needed to clean the floor now. He looked at the wet handkerchief which fell on the floor while straightening his pants and standing up from the chair.

However, at that point, Kenichi noticed something curious.

The handkerchief which just fell between a tile and another tile, suddenly something shone like a creature between the thin gap. Something shined only a few millimeters away from the black gap but disappeared a breath later.


Kenichi didn’t know what it was immediately at first because it was so dusty.

(Oh, well???)

It was only after picking up the handkerchief that he noticed that the shining in the black gap of tile was his semen. The handkerchief which he picked up in his hand was light and dry as if there had been nothing on there at all. Even the fishy liquid and moisture and the peculiar odor were missing.

There was nothing at all, even when he opened it.

(What? What? How so?… How so?…”)

The semen completely disappeared from the handkerchief as if being sucked in from the floor.

Kenichi didn’t know its meaning and was struck dumb in this dark science preparation room. Anyway, it was in a dirty state and he had sent out so much liquid that even he was disgusted by it a little while ago.

He felt like a strange existence was nearby and a cold chill ran down his spine. Goosebumps spread across his whole body, and the corner of his head made a dizzying sound as he had a bad feeling.

Misha! Kenichi heard a sound right behind him and he became startled, standing up from the chair.

Sweat broke out from his whole body just like it was summer in that dark science preparation room, even though summer had long past.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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