I Will Cuck Every God and Fuck Every Goddess For My Revenge! Vol 01 Chp 38

The Prison (Part-3)

Calmly, I turn around. Epione and her daughters are standing right behind me, their face looking a bit creepy in the dim light of the room.   

“Strip down?” I raise my eyebrows.   

“Yes, it is necessary for the examination. Are you not comfortable with it?” Epione asks, tilting her head.   

“I am comfortable,” I answer with a shrug, starting to remove my armor immediately.   

“Anyway, I am curious— did you used teleportation magic to bring me here?” I ask casually.   

“Yes, I did. You didn’t like it?” Epione asks.   

“I am afraid not. I prefer walking,” I reply with a polite smile.   

“Is that so? Then I will walk you out after we’re done with the examination,” she says, giving me a nod.   

“Thank you.”  

To be honest, I don’t really mind the feeling of teleportation, but there is a chance I might be able to study the passages inside this place. That will surely help me later.  

Once completely stripped off my armor, I start taking off my shirt and pants as well. Even now, the goddesses don’t look away or appear shy at all. They continue to stare at me with a warm smile on their faces.   

Oh, well…   

“Now, please lay down on the— No! You don’t have to remove your underwear!”  

Getting slightly flustered for the first time, Epione tries to stop me from removing my underwear— but it’s already too late. I pull down my underwear in a flash, making my limp dick drop down and swing left and right.   


All the goddesses froze, their gaze focusing on my cock. And well, as expected, my boy doesn’t fail to live up to its reputation. The calm and composed demeanor of the goddesses breaks instantly— their eyes opening up wide in shock and their cheeks turning red.   

Epione’s reaction is particularly strong. Her breathing has become slightly ragged and the look on her eyes is quite familiar to me.   

Wait, this cannot what I think it is… right?   

“Please forgive me,” I apologize, pulling up my underwear.   

“Wait! Y-You don’t have to cover it up. Just go to the bed. I think it might be better— I-I mean, easier this way. You know, for the check-up,” Epione says hurriedly, her eyes still transfixed on my cock.   

Okay, this is definitely what I think it is. But then, did that bastard Zeus really…?   

Hmm… Well, what an unexpected turn of events. Let’s see if I can benefit from it.   

“Mother, is this really necessary?” Hygeia asks, looking confused.   

“Yes, it is,” Epione replies, her voice unusually loud and stern— enough to keep her other daughters from questioning further.   

“To the bed,” She turns to me, polite again.   

“Okay, sure.”  

Dropping my underwear on the floor, I move to the bed and lay down on top of it. The bed is comfortably warm and soft, though it does feel weird being under so many magical lamps.   

Epione and her daughters closely follow behind, standing next to the bed and continuing to gaze all over my completely naked body (especially my cock).   

“I will start then. Tell me if you feel any pain,” Epione says, gulping her saliva and visibly breathing roughly now.  

She raises both of her hands and places them on top of my forehead. Immediately, the palm of her hand starts shining brightly and a strange sort of warmth enters and spread inside my body through the point of contact.   

Next, she slowly starts to move her hands around my face, massaging it lightly. I have to admit, her soft and small hands feel amazing against my skin.   

“Everything seems fine here,” she mutters, lowering her hand and passing down my neck.   

Like this, she caresses my chest, my stomach, and my arms. Her thin fingers trace each and every line of my abs and other muscles— her face continuing to blushing more and more and her breaths getting roughened further.   

Even the daughters are mesmerized by my body. They don’t notice the horny expression on their mother’s face.  

“Your upper body is fine as well,” Epione mutters, getting excited all of a sudden. Her hands start lowering again, going down my stomach, and slowly creeping their way towards my crotch.   

“Goddess Epione?” I say loudly.   

Epione’s entire body jumps up reacting to my sudden voice. Her hands quickly change their direction and reach down to my thighs instead.   

“Y-Yes? Do you feel anything?” Epione asks nervously. There’s a trace of guilt in her voice.   

“I was just wondering— and I beg you to forgive me if my question spoils your mood— but are you allowed to meet God Asclepius?” I ask.   

Instantly, Epione’s face darkens. And not only her, the same thing happens to her daughters as well.   

“No. As my husband is extremely helpful in nature, God Zeus decided that no one should be allowed to meet him— not even his family. According to him, it’s not worth the risk of letting Elixir of Resurrection reach the hands of humans again,” Epione tells me bitterly.   

As I thought…   

“I am sorry to hear that. But please, forgive me, but can I ask just one more question?”   

“Go on,” Epione says, her hands now checking my claves.   

“Are you and your daughters allowed to leave this prison?”  

The mood inside the room drops even further. I can feel the aura of rage and frustration leaking from the goddesses.   

“No, we’re not allowed to leave the prison either. In fact, not even a part of our essence is allowed to leave this prison. As I told you, before you and your sisters, my last interaction with humans was before my husband got imprisoned hundreds of years ago— that is, hundreds of years ago,” she says.   

Not even their essence!?  

Wow. This information is valuable enough to make me jump with excitement— but I am not going to show this on the outside. Immediately, with these newfound facts in my mind, I start forming a plan. A plan that might just get me what I want.   

So, basically, Zeus, the dick-head, imprisoned not only Asclepius but his family as well under the pretext of making them his prison’s guardians. I think these women are aware of this deep inside. They probably just don’t want to admit it.  

Well, I can work with this…   

Even though I am just 19-years-old, I’ve fucked enough sexually frustrated married women to know when I see one. Earlier, when I stripped naked, I immediately became aware that Epione is one of them. I just didn’t know the reason why— but everything is clear to me now.   

Epione was trapped here for hundreds of years, with just the company of her daughters. She probably craves the touch of a man more than anymore else.  

“I cannot sense anything wrong with your body. Are you sure you’re not feeling alright?” Epione asks with a frown, finishing to examine me.   

Due to my questions, her mood is heavily affected. I can tell that she’s not feeling lustful anymore. But that’s quite easy to change.   

“Yes, I am really not feeling well. Is there any place in my body Goddess Epione haven’t checked yet?” I say, trying to sound miserable yet unaware.   

Epione’s eyes automatically get focused on my crotch. That’s the only place she hasn’t touched yet.   

“W-Well, let me try a little more,” she says, rosiness returning to her cheeks.   


“I am going to touch your… Ahem, private parts. You don’t mind, do you?” she asks bashfully.   

“No, not at all! I cannot shy away from a healer, can I? It’s for my check-up after all. You can do anything you want!” I say promptly, pressing on the word “anything”.  

“Yes, it’s all for the check-up!”   

Epione agrees with a vigorous nod. With just a few words, I managed to give her a reason not to feel shy or guilty by doing this. With confidence, she extends both of her hands towards my crotch and firmly grabs my limp penis.   

“Wow…” Epione cannot her but leak out a word of wonderment.  

Fufufu… There we go.   

Even though it doesn’t seem like it, but half of my work is done with this.   

Now, I am sure I will be able to get Asclepius’s location from his wife. And who knows, if everything goes my way, I might even be able to enslave all the goddesses in this room without anyone’s help.   

I Will Cuck Every God and Fuck Every Goddess For My Revenge!

I Will Cuck Every God and Fuck Every Goddess For My Revenge!

My Wrath Against the Olympians
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2019 Native Language: Claiming and Indulging From the Divine (Credit: Azu-Noira Empire)
In a world where the Greek gods, also known as The Olympians walk among the humans and are worshiped and revered as their supreme deities, Lucas, a young 19-year-old man goes on a dangerous journey along with his older sister, to defeat every God and conquer every Goddess with a single goal in his mind… to get his revenge on the Supreme ruler of all gods, The lord of the sky… and his father; Zeus. Sounds insane, right? Two demigods against the mighty power of Olympus? Yes, it is…or, it would have been if Lucas hadn’t found out about a really peculiar power he has…



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