I Will Cuck Every God and Fuck Every Goddess For My Revenge! Vol 01 Chp 10

In Mother’s Room (Part-1)

LWhat the fuck… is this?

I look at the bed and find myself at a total loss for words.


“Brother! Please, open up! You cannot be there right now!”

Iris shouts from outside the room while heavily banging the door. Though Ivy is not saying anything, I can tell that she is banging the door along with Iris as well.

But damn…

Right in front of my eyes is a big double bed, lying on top of which… is my mother.

“Ahaan… Uffaan… Nhaan”

Her eyes are tightly closed shut and moans are leaking out from her mouth frequently. Her breathing is also really rough and her beautiful face is as red as it was downstairs.

But that is not the concerning part is…

The reason why I standing here with my jaws threatening to drop on the floor is because my mother is tied up to the bed…. topless.

Her nightdress is pulled down and her huge, beautiful looking bare tits are in front of my eyes… but that’s not all.

There is some sort of cylindrical metallic objects attached to them around the area of her nipples and are heavily vibrating through obvious magic.

I can also see white colored pipes coming out from the other end of these cylindrical objects and disappearing beneath the bed.

What are these pipes for and why are they… Wait…

Why can I see bubbles in the pipe…?

Shit! It’s transparent!

And then obviously, the white-colored thing is freaking milk!

The twins were milking mother like a cow!? What the fuck!? Seriously!?

And this…

I look at my mother’s body from top to bottom again. For some reason, there is a thick black colored cloth covering her crotch area. Her legs and arms are also tied up using ropes and good quality leather cuffs which are stuffed with cotton around the sides. It is clear that this setting is done so that she doesn’t get hurt her at all.

Even the way she is placed looks really comfortable with pillows supporting her arms that are slightly raised off the bed.

All in all, it looks like she is willingly tied up like this and also, that this is not the first time it is done to her…

But why is she not opening her eyes even when Iris and Ivy are literally banging the door right now?

I mean, it’s obvious that she didn’t fell this deep in sleep in just a matter of minutes…

In fact, the only change I can observe in her state is that her moaning is becoming louder and louder, and her body is becoming redder as time is passing.

Now, what should I do?

Well, I don’t think I should wake her up casually. Who knows? She might be put to sleep using magic…. and if I try to wake her normally, something undesirable might trigger up.

Hmm… I think I need to get some answers first.

“Hey, Iris! What is happening here? Why is mother tied up like this?” I ask in a loud yet calm voice.

Iris, who was in the middle of shouting at me, quiets up immediately. Even the banging on the door stops.


“W-Well, that is… that is… I-I will tell you if you come out, okay?” she says with a fake cheerful voice.

Really? Do I seem that big of an idiot to her?

Okay, let’s see…

“Well, fine. I guess I will wake mother up myself and ask her to tell me!” I say while loudly tapping my foot on the floor, trying to make it sound like I am walking towards the bed.

“Wait, wait, wait! Don’t touch her! No matter what! Please!” Iris shouts quickly in a desperate manner.

Why is she so fixated to not let me touch mother?

It’s a little suspicious, to be honest…

“Okay, fine. Then you tell me what is going on?” I ask.

“I-I can’t… because mum wouldn’t want me to…” she says in a low voice.

“Okay, then I am—”

“Wait! Please, wait! I am not lying! I would have told you but it’s just that… Please understand…” she says in a voice which is almost begging me now.

Okay, this is extremely strange…

“Well, fine. Just tell me this; is mother made to fall asleep magically?” I ask.

“… no, why? I gave her a light sleeping drug…” she says, sounding a little confused.

“Light… Hmm… Then she should wake up if someone disturbs her physically, shouldn’t she?” I ask in a light tone.

“Yeah, I usually shake her shoulder to wake her— wait, you cannot do this! You cannot wake her up now! And especially by yourself!” she tells me loudly, realizing why I am asking all this.

Sorry, Iris, I won’t come out of this room without know what is happening… even if I have to lie to you.

“Okay, I won’t wake her up, but I will stay here with my mother for some time. You see, this is the first time I have seen her. I want to have some time alone with her, so, can you both leave?” I ask.

“L-Leave? But you cannot—”

“Iris, did you hear what I just said? She is not only your mother, she is mine as well. And I want to be with her alone for a while,” I say in a rather serious and intimidating tone.

No sound comes from outside the door for a while.

“…. F-Fine. But please, don’t touch her or try to wake her up, okay? Please… just don’t do that…” Iris pleads.

I don’t respond to her anymore. Iris also doesn’t pester me any further and after a few seconds, I hear the sound of their footsteps getting away.

Sigh… I hope they are not fooling me by tapping the floor as I did earlier.

As soon as the sounds of their footsteps fade away, I take out a small and spherical bronze ball from my pocket and pressed a red-colored button on top of it while closing my eyes.

Instantly, a flash of white light bursts from the ball, so bright, that even after I open my eyes, I couldn’t see anything for a few seconds.

Though I am a little disappointing. There are no changes in the room that I can figure out by just looking.

Hmm… Did it really work?

Let’s test it out…

Raising my left foot momentarily, I bring it down hard on the floor… though absolutely no sound resounds in the room.

Well, an amazing soundproofing tool. As expected from him.

Now, let’s do this…

Moving back to the bed, I look at my mother’s body again…

The round metallic objects are still on her breasts, trying their best to suck out as much milk as they possibly can. Though mother’s tits are not losing at producing milk. It’s almost as if they have a never-ending supply of milk.

Looking down again, I find my gaze getting strangely attracted to the ghastly-looking black cloth on her crotch.

Man, this thing is ruining my view…

I bend down and grab the cloth, which surprisingly turns out to be warm and extremely wet.

What is this? It feels really slimy…

I rub this wet cloth some more in confusion.

Hmm… well…

I remove the cloth in a flash.

“What the fuck….?”

I swear in shock.

The nightdress mother is wearing is shifted upward, revealing her black and soaking wet panties, that are digging deep inside her crotch. Her soft-looking plump things are also glistening wet with her love juices.

Damn… so, this red face and rough breathing were not because of some sickness… It’s because mother is really, really aroused.

I have a sudden urge to lick the love juice off her thigh and panties but well, I stop myself for two reasons: first and the rather pathetic one, is because she is my mother (pathetic because I have already crossed that line with Lucy and I don’t really care about it anyway). And second, I have some more pressing matters in hand…

Now, let’s wake her up…

I move my hands forward to grab her shoulder…. but stops half-way through.

Fuck it! I am going to do this in a little different way…

While I cannot lick her crotch because it will be too extreme, my mother’s sinful body is looking so juicy right now that I will really regret it if I don’t do anything to it at all…

Changing the direction of my hands, I grab the metallic objects attached to mother’s tits and pull them off…


Suddenly, a really loud moan escapes through her mouth. Much louder than the ones before.


Her slightly darkened nipples finally show themselves to me. They are engorged, hard, erect and still leaking loads of creamy milk out.

Fuck…. even though so much milk got sucked out just now, these tits still look so stiff and veiny. As if they can produce a bucket more.

Hmm… guess what?

I think it’s time for me to taste my mother’s milk for the first time in my life… and well, also wake her up while I am at.

Putting both my hands on either side of mother’s body for support, I lower my face towards her tits while closing my eyes… before putting her nipple inside my mouth.


The instant my lips touch mother’s skin, an ear-splitting scream erupts from her mouth. With a jerk, her back also arches up from the bed and she starts shaking all over.

Simultaneously, sweet milk starts erupting inside my mouth in such a quantity, that even I couldn’t drink it fast enough.

And before I even start to understand what the heck just happened, mother’s beautiful violet eyes open up with a flutter and stares back at my black ones… really strangely.

I Will Cuck Every God and Fuck Every Goddess For My Revenge!

I Will Cuck Every God and Fuck Every Goddess For My Revenge!

My Wrath Against the Olympians
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2019 Native Language: Claiming and Indulging From the Divine (Credit: Azu-Noira Empire)
In a world where the Greek gods, also known as The Olympians walk among the humans and are worshiped and revered as their supreme deities, Lucas, a young 19-year-old man goes on a dangerous journey along with his older sister, to defeat every God and conquer every Goddess with a single goal in his mind… to get his revenge on the Supreme ruler of all gods, The lord of the sky… and his father; Zeus. Sounds insane, right? Two demigods against the mighty power of Olympus? Yes, it is…or, it would have been if Lucas hadn’t found out about a really peculiar power he has…



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