I Will Cuck Every God and Fuck Every Goddess For My Revenge! Vol 01 Chp 09

Mother And The Twins

For the next few seconds, no voice comes from behind the door. Though just when I start to think that my “presumed” sister is gone, she speaks again…

“L-Lucas… b-but my brother is dead…” She says in a barely audible voice.

Hmm… So, she is my sister.

“Well, he is not dead. I am not dead. You can open the door and see for yourself,” I tell her.

Again, she fells silent.

I look sideways and see that Lucy has folded her arms and there is a slight frown on her face.

Hmm…Lucy might ask me to leave if they don’t open the door fast.

“Hey, listen—”


The moment I open my mouth to speak again, the door finally opens up with a creaking noise and from within, a pair of dark pink colored eyes look at us.

These eyes travel from the top of my body to the bottom and finally settles back on my face. I also greet them with my best smile, while returning a quick wink back.

Like this, my unknown sister keeps staring at my face for a while, before her gaze finally fell upon Lucy… and the eyes open wide in shock.

The next instant, the door opens up loudly and a girl appears in front of us.

She has an unbelieving cute face and stands at a below average height below. Though in no way she looks like a kid. Her skin is flawlessly smooth and white. Her hairs are long and light golden brown in color.

Though her figure cannot be properly traced above her casual clothes (a really loose shirt and pants) but I can tell that it is curvy enough to my liking, with tits easily bigger than a handful and a nice round ass.

Though right now, this cute sister of mine is looking really shocked. In fact, even her small mouth is hanging open, making her pink tongue visible.

Man, that tongue will look really nice licking a particular thing of mine…

“S-Sister Lucy…” she says in a weak voice.

“Iris…” Lucy says, addressing the girl in front of me (Though her face still remains expressionless).

Oh, so, this is Iris. My younger sister whom Lucy has mentioned numerous times before. Well, one of the reasons is because she is the only one in our family named after a goddess (Iris, the goddess of rainbows.)

She is two years younger than me, i.e., she was 5 years old when me and Lucy ran away from home. So, honestly, it’s a little surprising that she recognizes Lucy after all this time.

Like this, Lucy and Iris keep staring at each other for a few seconds before suddenly, Iris bursts into tears and run towards Lucy at full speed.

And after almost slamming her body against Lucy, she wraps her arms around her elder sister as if she never plans to let her go.

“We… We though… Y-You will never come back…” Iris says while sobbing loudly.

Even though Lucy gives no particular reaction to this, but knowing her very well, I can tell that she is also really happy to see her younger sister as well.

“Well, your big brother is here as well. Won’t you give him a hug?” I ask while spreading my arms wide.

Do I need to warn her that I always grab the asses of beautiful women while hugging them?


Taking out her buried face from between Lucy’s huge tits, Iris looks at me with her puffy red eyes.

“Y-You are Lucas, m-my big brother, right?” She asks.

“Yup, that’s me,” I answer.

Even though tears are falling from her eyes, her cheeks start to blush a little.

“… you look really cool,” she says shyly.

Woah, my cute little sister thinks I look cool… Nice.

“You are really beautiful as well,” I compliment her with a wink.

Turning a brighter shade of red because of my comment, she buries her face back inside Lucy’s tits.

Come one, give your big brother a hug first!

“Iris, who is—”

Suddenly, another female voice comes from the doorway, diverting our attention from each other.

And this time, I can confidently say that I know who this new girl is…even though I have never met her before.

Why? Because she looks identical to Iris except that her hairs are jet black in color and her eyes are golden.

“Ivy…” I mutter.

Yes, both Iris and Ivy are my twin sister (and are equally beautiful).

Being addressed by her name, Ivy first looks at me, then Lucy and finally at Iris who is hugging Lucy.

“You must be Lucy and… Lucas, right?” she asks simply.

Hmm… This is a bit unusual. I thought she would be a little bit more shocked or surprised seeing us.

But she is looking at us with no particular emotion on her face at all. It’s almost as if her big brother and sister are returning home after 12 years is not that big of a deal to her.

“You are not surprised to see us?” I ask, a little bemused myself.

“Yes, I am. I am really surprised,” she says in a toneless voice.

It doesn’t show, to be honest… at all.

Suddenly, Iris detaches herself from Lucy and move towards Ivy while beaming at me widely.

“Wait till others see you, they will all be so excited! Just like us!” She says.

See, I don’t agree with the “us” part. Ivy doesn’t look excited at all…

“Though sister Sienna and Sister Arya are out of town for a few days on a guild mission, mom is here! I will call her—”

“Iris, aren’t you forgetting something?” Ivy asks, cutting in-between.

Suddenly, Iris’s eyes open wide as if she is remembering something and an uneasy look overshadows her face.

“B-But Ivy, don’t you think mother would want to see her children after so many years?” She asks in a rather nervous voice.

“You know that as long as he is here—”

“Let me ask mother, okay? She will decide for herself,” Iris quickly says before running inside the house.

Wait, what just happened right now?

Is my mother really that bad that there is a chance she might not want to meet her own son and daughter?

And what does Ivy meant by “as long as he is here”?

Does my mother doesn’t want to see me specifically?

Well, let’s see…

“Come inside the house, it’s getting cold,” Ivy says.

Looking at me once again, Lucy tries to confirm if I really want to continue or not. And I waste no time in giving her a simple nod before starting to move forward.

Entering inside, I see what looks like a really clean and decent looking living room (open) with leather sofas, a wooden table, and a few other decorative items along with some wall hangings (a few paintings and an old-looking scabbard).

From here, I get a decent look at the house as well. Along with the living room, the ground floor also has a kitchen and a guest room. There are also stairs going up, where I guess, are perhaps more bedrooms.

Though I don’t remember where perfectly, there should be another set of stairs leading down to the basement as well… where I was imprisoned by Zeus.

Lucy is also looking around the house. And even though she is not letting it show on her face, I can tell that she is having mixed feelings seeing this house again.

“We will be staying here for a few days. Can you show us to our room?”

Suddenly, Lucy asks Ivy.

“But he is not… Fine, you guys can stay in the guest room for now. I will give separate rooms to you afterward,” Ivy answers while gesturing at the room right in front of us.

“No need for that. Lucas, give me your bag. I am going to sleep early,” Lucy says, putting her hand forward.


So, you really don’t want to meet our mother, huh?

Not even attempting to make Lucy stay, I simply take off my backpack and hand it over to her.

Well, there is no point in arguing with her about this. Lucy will never listen to me even if I beg her.

And well, before coming here, I did make a promise that won’t force her to talk to our mother (or even see her, as a matter of fact).

As Lucy shuts the door of the guest room behind her, I turn towards Ivy and shrugs it off with a laugh… to which she doesn’t react at all.

Damn… She is a tough nut to crack.

“Haaa… Haaa… Haaa…”

Suddenly, the sounds of heavy breathing enter my ears. Instinctively, I look at the direction of the sound which turns out to be coming from upstairs…


A surprised voice leaks out from my mouth.

Descending down from the stairs are two people; Iris and an immensely beautiful woman in black nightwear.

Wait, is she my mother!?

No, my mother should easily be in her forties but this woman…

She looks around the same age as that of Lucy. Her skin is exceptionally fair and smooth. Her face is well defined with thin lips, a perfect nose, and delicate cuts. Her long and straight hairs are violet in color. Her alluring eyes have a rare shade of purple which I have never see before in my life.

And her figure… Damn….

I never thought I would say this, but this woman is even bustier than Lucy. Her huge tits are stretching her black dress so much that it’s on the verge of tearing apart. Her juicy ass also looks something completely out of this world.

Overall, she doesn’t like a mother at all, especially not of someone as big as me.


The beauty calls out my name in her sweet voice as our eyes meet… and instantly, tears start streaming out from her eyes.

“My son… My Lucas…”

She calls out while starting to sob heavily.

Without responding, I just keep standing still.

Well, I admit that I am really confused about what to say or do seeing my mother for the first time in my life.

Raising her hand, my mother tries to reach out to me but she also doesn’t take any step forward.

No, wait, she is actually trying to move but Iris’s is holding her back with all her strength.

“Mom, you have seen him, right? Now let’s go,” Iris says seriously.

Even Ivy has moved next to them and is holding mother back.

What is going on? What are they doing?

“P-Please, just let me touch him once… I-I have never… Please, just once!” Mother begs in a shaky voice, but Iris and Ivy don’t listen to her.

“You know you can’t, mom. Please, let’s go. I hate to see you like this,” Iris says.

I can tell that she is close to crying as well.

“B-But I want to touch… A-And my Lucy— Aaahn”

Suddenly, a really painful look appears on mother’s face and she staggers forward.

Luckily, Iris and Ivy responds instantly and prevents her from falling from the stairs. But the moment mother regains her balance again, both of them starts to lightly push her back; urging her to climb back upstairs.

“Please, mother. You know what will happen,” Ivy says.

“B-But my son… I-I understand,” Mother finally says in a defeated tone before looking back at me once again with her teary eyes.

“I-I love you, Lucas,” She says in a final sort of way.

And without waiting for a reply, she turns around and starts climbing up the stairs along with Ivy and Iris before disappearing from my sight.

W-What did she say in the end?

She loves me? My mother loves me?

Fuck! I should have tried to talk to her but I got a bit too overwhelmed at that moment.

But still, why were Iris and Ivy trying to rush her so much? They didn’t even let her come close to me…

Wait, now that I think about it, mother was looking a bit strange… is she sick?

I mean, there were bags under her eyes indicating sleep deprivation and her skin was also blushing red, probably from fever. In fact, her body was also shaking the whole time she was here.

Though I know one thing: whatever disease mother has, it’s at least not contaminating or Ivy and Iris wouldn’t be touching her without any fear. And that’s the reason why I think that the problem is something else…

Man, it’s a bit frustrating that I froze earlier, but I need to make up for it by finding out what’s wrong with my mother.

And I also have a few questions I need to ask her…

But wait, what if the twins try to stop me?


Quickly and silently, I move upstairs and crouch down behind a pillared wall, hoping to hide from direct view. I can count 6 rooms here, i.e., 3 on both sides. Mother and my sisters must be in one of them…

After waiting for a few seconds, the door of the first room on my right side opens up and the twins move out…

Instantly, I make a run for it.

“She is in so much pain—Kyaaaaa!”

Iris raises a scream as I rush past her into the room and quickly close the door from inside.


I turn back to look at my mother… and receive the biggest shock of my life.

I Will Cuck Every God and Fuck Every Goddess For My Revenge!

I Will Cuck Every God and Fuck Every Goddess For My Revenge!

My Wrath Against the Olympians
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In a world where the Greek gods, also known as The Olympians walk among the humans and are worshiped and revered as their supreme deities, Lucas, a young 19-year-old man goes on a dangerous journey along with his older sister, to defeat every God and conquer every Goddess with a single goal in his mind… to get his revenge on the Supreme ruler of all gods, The lord of the sky… and his father; Zeus. Sounds insane, right? Two demigods against the mighty power of Olympus? Yes, it is…or, it would have been if Lucas hadn’t found out about a really peculiar power he has…



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