Everyone Can Do It! Instant Love Switch Vol 00 Chp 08

【Double Blowjob, Drinking semen: JK and JK? 】

「「Let’s ~start♥♥」」

「Oh !?」

Both match their breathing and kiss the cock. It is not just a kiss but a deep kiss.

From my point of view, on the left side, is Wakana, Natsumi is on the right side, Each of them repeats a fierce kiss while entwined their tongue toward the exposed glans.

Two beautiful girls who got a beautiful face distorted by sexual desire, erotic enough to be used in as faping material for one month if photograph.

However, the eroticism of these perfection beautiful girls does not end only with appearance.

The two are not just kissing, they moves their tongue to scratch the back of the head of penis. Moreover, it is done from right and left simultaneously.

At the same time making a Rerorero sound as tongue is reciprocated, the two do simultaneous perfect blowjobs of two breath, it is no exaggeration to say that it feels twice more good than normal blowjob.

「nn♪ Oniihyan, cord so outstanding♥」

「nwaa………is it feel good?♥♥」

「it is, Ua..good……..」

Two girl who attack my erogenous zone surely with tongue stickily that seems to be entwined, they smiles at me with a viscously look again.
The mouth and the tongue, even the expression of the eyes, the blowjob of this two girl are atrocious weapon that it was very pleasant.

「Nhihi ♪ so good ……mn」

「I’m glad♥♥……nn」

If the sound of “Pichapi Charerorero” stopped and the two happy voices were cut off, a small sound is heard at the crotch.


Pretty girls with small lips sticking out from the left and right have made a light kiss.

I asked as I thought about it.

「Hey, Natsumi, have you kissed a man before? 」

「Hmm, no」

Apparently this adorable girl still has her first kiss.

If you think that girls who did not kiss any man at all had been kissing my meat stick so much, my cock was already swollen by the excitement in the meantime.



The innocent girl that has become estetic as they aware of my change, I was fascinated to notice the change of my cock, and then they look at each other and smile more obscene.

「Onii-san, excuse me for a minute♥」

Wakana lower skirt is adjust lightly and take the lower half of her body is on my head, she turn her head to my crotch.

It is the so-called Sixty-Nine’s position.

The gesture of arranging a skirt before moving made me felt sense of her ladylike and pureness.

But the pretty girl who is supposed to be pure is now opening her feet above my head and exposing fresh blue shorts. Moreover, not only large stains are made on the crotch part of the shorts, it has drifted the scent of dense female so daunting.

The erotic breast that invites a man just by looking at it, is pressed against my body and MEW, even though I’m wearing clothes.

The felling of softness that sometimes appears and disappears, the indecent desire that is contradictory with it stimulates the desire of a man just by pushing it. My cock shook and twitching in front of two girl.

Right after that――

「aa……….uh! Uwaaa!!」

Jubo! Juyurujurujuru!

Nichu! Pichupichupichu!

Wakana and Natsumi resumed fellatio again. Moreover, it is different from the previous alternating fellatio and with the simultaneous fellatio like a little while ago.

Wakana is sucking the cock by making her head up and down while making sounded Jubojubo and obscene vacuum, Natsumi licks the backside and the balls of the rod according to the movement of Wakana.
The strongest combination technique that makes use of each other’s erotic techniques.

「ah, uuu, kuuu……….」

Such an intense blowjob and I was left by two girl, but I just raising a pathetic voice.

「Wahyana~, stoph」


Wakana raised her head to the voice of Natsumi and pulled out the cock. When she pull out! A squeaky good sound is heard strangely.




Nichunichu, nichunichu!!


Two girl sandwich from the up and down of the cock with the tongue, they has been showing off the licking which wraps up around the cock as they get drunk.

The lower part of the rod, especially the pleasant part is licked by Natsumi’s big long tongue, and wakana licks the other part compensate for the part that Natsumi cannot cover. And then Natsumi licks the glans head, as Wakana licks the pole.

Winding, The warm lump of meat which is sticky and gooey crawls around the whole cock.

That strange feeling makes me enjoy a pleasure different from any previous blowjob, I was just feeling it again while making a pathetic voice.

「Fee something~? coming?♪」

「Do you like it?♥♥」

The tongue sandwich of the beautiful girls and the fellatio are very pleasant.

But to think that only I keep on being attacked by two girl as it is, is not interesting.

「It’s great ………but!」

「fuee!? nwaa!♥」


I at least going to do it on Wakana, I buried my face in the crotch of light blue panties while grabbing a small butt with her skirt.

「nuu………Wakana, lewd pussy covered female juice, I will make it soaked」

「nhiyaa……ahh, dame, da me!!♥」

Wakana who was leaking love juice while licking my penis, I just crawled my tongue into the crack over her shorts and started to feel her feet trembling.

Indeed, it is a nasty look that doesn’t match a black-haired girl who wears such refreshing panties.

「Wakana……Your face is a mess.♥ you have a face that say I want a cock soon♪♪」
「na, Natsumi-chan……n, waaaa~♥♥ even Natsumi-chan, n kuuuuuu uu u……I’m licking while having a horny face, hiiiiiiii!!♥♥」

Apparently both of them are in estrus state in front of my cock.

I’m somewhat happy, I shifted the panties with the other hand while rubbing the buttocks meat with one hand and inserted the finger in the pussy of the Wakana.

「Look, your feet are shaking again Do you to do it or not?」

「but I, I want to……Now, I want to suck cock!!♪♥♥ ……….Agu, co, cock, I can’t get enough of it!!」

At the same time as my questioning, a soft sense of dreamlike blew the tip of the cock several times. Perhaps Wakana has make a blunder when sucking.

「Wakana, Well then, I’ll take Onii-san cock and semen♥♥♪♪♪ waa~uu!♪♪」


Juru, jukujukujuku♪♪

In front of Wakana who feels so awkward to move, Natsumi put my cock in her mouth and started a blowjob.

As usual, the tongue is slammed in a small mouth filled with plenty of saliva.

「nguu, Natsumi’s tongue is really nice……….. Come on, Wakana, you can do it! 」

I’m was wandering if wakana will cum with this, I increased the finger that I had put in from one to two and forcefully stirred the vagina hole of Wakana.

At the same time as the water sound of jubujubu, the love juice overflows and It drips down to my face.

「hiyaa, damee……aaa!!♥♥ Ah, I’m sorry! The pussy juice it is too much !! O, Onii-san, I have to hang on my prince’s face. ugh!! Ah, cock, I want to suck cock, no niiiiiiii!!♥♥」

While Wakana’s pussy tightened with my fingers, it spills more love juice and make comes in and out of the finger smoothly.

While in my mind, I was tsukkomi, in the end, I continued to stir her vagina without mercy.

「Nnwaaaaaaaaaaaa!!♥♥♥ iya, dame……no more Onii-san no more, It feel so good……. ufuuuu……Please, Natsumi-Chan……I, I want Onii-san cockkkkkk~~!!♥♥♥」

For the present Wakana, giving service to me is more important than her pleasure. She appeals to Natsumi desperately with a head which became foolish by an intense fingering from me.

「nnnnn♪ ………wa hiyaaa。 aa!waa……together♪♪」


Zunyu!! Zubuzubuzu!!

Picho! Rerorerorero~~♪♪


Natsumi accepts the appeal of Wakana, they resumed the two people simultaneous fellatio. And this time, they further strengthen the combination that I thought was the strongest, It is a more developed combination technique than before.

Wakana sucks my finger in her pussy all the way, as she sucks my cock as deep as possible with her mouth pussy.

And she let her head go up and down desperately while raising a moan that seems to be painful sometimes, she slams her head in a deep inside throat and throws a deep fellatio.

The glans gets swallowed over and over again in her throat and desperately promotes ejaculation with tighter than the virgin vagina.


Zuzu, zuzuzuzuzu!!

The best fellatio of Wakana which I had been tasted before has evolved further before one is aware.

She stopped the movement while holding the glans in the back of her throat now, while shutting the mouth to the fullest, a lip, jowl and a tongue, she is desperately trying to pleased the cock with the whole mouth.

The face of the beautiful Wakana will surely be distorted to my cock’s shape.

「n, n~~♪ naa~♪♪♥♥」

On the other hand, Natsumi also supports my ejaculation with a powerful blowjob that makes the most use her own weapon.

Entwining a lot of sticky saliva on a big tongue, she crawl with her tongue, from my testicles, to the area between the anus.

Moreover, the testicles are tender and stickily, the lower part of it is strong and intense, and she understands the power adjustment that makes a man pleased, and the tongue service is done with all of her effort.

The stimulation to the part which doesn’t change much even in normal sex or masturbation, Wakana’s desperate and irresistibly blowjob stimulate my erogenous zone.

Still I kept stirring a vagina hole of a Wakana with the obstinacy that I don’t understand well while being impressed by full strength service of the beautiful girls who seem to have no more luxurious play anymore.

「Guaa, it feels good, Wakana, Natsumi…… Ugh」

「Nmu!♥♥ N~~っ♥♥」

「Nfu, N, oniihyan♪♪♥」


Zuryuzzuzuzuzu, jububu!!♥

Rero, chupuchupuchupu!♪♪

The throat fellatio of Wakana became violent to oppose the intense movement of my finger.

While them raising the moan that make me feel even a mysterious joy as usual, pounding and relentlessly continue to stimulate the glans.

At the same time, the force to tighten the whole rod and the tongue with the whole mouth also becomes stronger, Natsumi, who felt the desperation of Wakana, also accelerates the speed of her tongue movement.

My heart continues to beat weirdly fast in such a full service of two people. And the lower body’s numbness and heat have risen to a level that is likely to explode, it began to swell suddenly if I thought that a testicles shrank for a moment to represent it. From the seminal vesicle to the tip of the cock, the whole part used in ejaculation reacts and…

「guu……here it!!Wakana, I cumm!!」

「ngu♥♥ nnnn~~~~~!!」

「nhiya!! Cock, Dokudoku♪♪ Wakana, mouth pussy♥♥♥ n, MofuMofu I also want~~♪♪♥♥」

As if trying to respond to the two friendship blowjobs that do not pull their hands until the end, I also poured semen into Wakana’s mouth with all my strength.

The cock trembling while still gushing, Continue to shake the cock endlessly for a long time and keep releasing the muddy semen.

As for my face it tastes the best ejaculation so far, A fresh, warm body fluid poured down on it.

「N, Nfuuuuuuuuuuuuuu~~~~~~っっっ!!??♥♥♥♪♪」

Wakana started to get Acme with my fingering while keeping my semen in the mouth.

My face is neatly sandwiched with a soft thigh with good amount of fat, and comes hanging a lot of love juice as if trying to mark me with her female juice.

「nfaa! Fuuu,fa!! Nnn, UUUUUuuuu~~~っっ!!」

As my mouth comes close and blows up to the tide, it still does not just stop dripping of love juice.

The tides of Wakana that I drank a little was almost tasteless and odourless, but it felt slightly sweet and sour.
「Kuuu………. Take it out wakana」

「n! nwaaっ」

Wakana who has gotten Acme has hold me in the crotch for a few minutes after that.

Somehow the air comes in, but the female smell is not half-worn in the tide and love fluid, it is hard enough to start sweating only the face is too hot and humid above all


Wakana who recovered a little finally pulled out the cock from the mouth according to my words.

Of course, the semen is still stored in the mouth, the current murky sound is the sound that was created because she drew it while sucking up as not to spill semen in her mouth.

「Nhaa……. hyo, Hyohihan, yook ♥♥♥」


「N, Wait……… aa………」

After I woke up my upper body, I saw a wakana with both hands on the futon, like a dog.

She still has a red face that was overwhelmed by the pleasure, and moreover, she opens her mouth like a fool.

The amount of semen accumulated in the mouth was ridulous.

Of course it may have been somewhat bloated with her saliva, the semen which covers her mouth is the cause of the obscene water sound which had occurred every time she talked.

「Wakana ~, I also……….」



Suddenly, the kiss of two girl began with the restlessly voice of Natsumi.

Both have hands on top of the futon and have their faces sticking out. Perhaps because of the difference in height, or to separate semen well, Wakana had a little face up and had a girlish pull on her lips.

The spectacle is like the parent bird which giving the food and baby birds begging for food.

However, what is moving in the mouth of two people is not food but my semen.

It is a male-like body fluid that I got it by two people’s blowjob and poured it in the mouth of Wakana.

「Nn, Nn, Nn♥♥」

「Nn, Nn, Nnっ♪♪」

I don’t like the smell, but the two pretty girls share the thick muddy with their mouths in dirty manner.

「Nn……This is half of it♪♥」

「waa……Thanqyo, wahyana♪♪ ………Onii-han, loo♥♥♪♪」

「look, Onii-san♥♥♥」

When the two semen share was finished, they turned in front of me and opened their mouths.

Natsumi’s who has a small mouth having half of semen enough to make it seem full, she has more difficulty to talk than Wakana.


「aa, it’s really erotic………」

The two people keep their erotic faces and show off to me by mixing the semen in the mouth with the tongue.

Especially, the spectacle on the big tongue of Natsumi is erotic, there is a part that seems thick in some places.

The wriggles pink erotic tongue, and the cream-colored lump flows slowly on it. Both emit a glimmering with a shine, superb biological, a lewd feeling that seem too contained in the mouth.

「Photos, It’s good」



I took a few shots of their silliness. They change the pose for each shutter sound like when Wakana doing it alone before.

Sometimes they put their tongue out in time, Sometimes they just open their mouth and emphasize my semen.

Another time, they do peace sign on both sides of their face, Sometimes there is only one side.

All of the pictures are obscene, it is the best side dish picture without doubt that popularity comes out fast if you post it to some porn site.

Well, I’ll definitely keep it as my own collection.

「All right, let’s get to the end.」



The last one was a pretty lesbian photo.

The content is a kiss scene of two people. It is a deep kiss while overlapping the tongue which entwined plenty with my semen.

「Hmm, it was the most erotic……..」

「Not yet.……from now on, I’ll taste a lot of it.♥♥ Onii-san, Semen♥♥♥」


Two people closed their mouths and began to shake the semen in their mouth.

While looking at me side by side with an erotic face, the sound of guchugchu resounds from the left and right.

Even if it passes for 10 seconds and 20 seconds, these perverted girls do not stop. It was as if they was trying to saturate my scent in their body.

「Nn! Gofu! Nge!! ……….Uhaa, S, I’m sorry Onii-san. I was choke and I had to drank it. ………Ah, it’s a waste」

Did a large amount of semen was hard to Natsumi even for the first time fellatio, she was choked on the way and have to drank by force.

By the way, a large amount of semen is attached to the slender jaw of Natsumi, It has also flew to some of her clothes.

「sorry. Because I drink♪♪ mn」

She still stretches out the tongue with the remaining semen, she collected the semen that got near her jaw. However, it is not possible to reach all, some of it carefully scoop the finger and she lick the finger and collect it.


And after that she sips the clothes, she smile and open the mouth toward me.

I praise her because she drink properly, it is sweet and lewd pose full of eroticism.

「Waa……I was choked at the end, I want my reward later♪♪」

「Oh, that’s right」

「ohii~hyan♥♥ U~」


While Natsumi has swallowed along the way, Wakana continues to taste my semen properly.

It becomes the face of an ecstatic perverted and continues to rinse the mouth with my semen, When she is stopped, she show off the bubbling semen.
「Good, swallow it.」

「N~♥♥ nっ………」

When she closed her mouth while struggling not to spill the semen that was further pressurized with her saliva, she started to ring her throat while looking up a little.

If you look closely, you can see that even the nape of her neck is slimy, I even the surprise that this part is so beautiful that I might not forget it.

Kokuri, she sounded her throat with a constant rhythm. She seemed to taste even a throat full of semen.

「Nn,Nn, n……waa, I drank everything♥♥ If I thinks that it is Onii-san semen that is poured in my mouth pussy, I spilled the love juice again♥♥ waaa, it was delicious」

「Both the taste and the smell are the best♪♪ ……….I’ve been choked a little.」

「Un♥♥ Besides, the feeling that I drank…… I am glad that it seems to melts in my body when thinking that it is the thing Onii-san♪♪♥♥♥」

The taste of my sperm, smells, sensation, and you remember joy on the fact that it’s mine.

I was reminded once again of the complete fallen mode, as I was impressed in my heart.

And, of course, I was still excited, although I just made two girl drink my semen, they made my cock hard again.

Everyone Can Do It! Instant Love Switch

Everyone Can Do It! Instant Love Switch

Daredemo Kantan! Soku Ochi Suitchi, だれでも簡単!即堕ちスイッチ
Score 6
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2015 Native Language: Japanese
I have a quite unusual hobby, which is visiting antique shops. One day, I got my hand on a suspicious item called 「Instant Love Switch」 at a shop I visit by chance. Let alone feeling dubious, I totally doubt the effectiveness of the tool, but I still try it anyway. I used it on a random bishoujo on the road and it was surprisingly effective. From that day on, I will be living an erot*c life with its various girls such as the pure beautiful girl and her friends, the voluptuous neighborhood young wife, and various other women. I will live this erot*c life.



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