Everyone Can Do It! Instant Love Switch Vol 00 Chp 07

【double blowjob: JK and JK?】

「Wakana, what are you doing?」

「Natsumi-chan …. Ah, just a minute」

「WHAT, By any chance fid you find a boyfriend~?. As your Onee-chan, I won’t allow it」

「Onee-chan……… Natsumi-chan, I’m always a firm person, right? 」


「Besides, I am taller than you」

It is Wakana that it is playful on the street in the evening, with her friend who I heard only the voice before.

Based on the way of them speaking with each other’s perhaps they are classmate, but she was on plain clothes it seem her friends had once been home.

The height of the friend is so small that I can see it clearly from the distance. I don’t know the detailed appearance and so on because all I can see only the back figure of her, but the height was so low that she could be mistake as the younger sister of Wakana.

「Taller~, My height was beaten by my younger sister. Well, if it’s the breast, I still won.」

「My breast is bigger………」

「Ugh, gununu………」

Huh! Not a chance!! Her imposing attitude of sticking out her chest, is broken by Wakana who mutters apologetically immediately after.

Maybe it will be acceptable if she is her younger sister, but it is too reckless to challenge Wakana with that breast. Even Akie who has a whole body and erotic body in any way, her chest is the only the part loses to Wakana surely.

Her breasts are first-class goods that ordinary gravure idols cannot beat.

Even so, the conversation between those two is kind of comical and interesting. I thought I would like to see a little more, but it is also regrettable that the time spend with Wakana decreases.

「Well as good as it is, Anyway, can you go home now, Natsumi-chan?」

「MU~, at least tell me what you gonna do~」

「Uh … Please? 」

「No way」

「Uh ……..」

It seems that a small friend who sits like a spoiled child does not listen or even accept Wakana request in a tiring manner.

It’s already troublesome it felt similar like yesterday, I will use the Switch! I pointed device to her, and pressed the upper button.

If it is a good looking girl, it should be good to do 3P with Wakana in a completely fallen mode, If it is not so good, I will just switch back to half fallen and let her go home.

「Hmm ……..Something feel hot in my body………. Do you feel hot? no it differenyaa~?」

The moment I pushed the switch, she didn’t react much, the body changed into the standing straight way which seemed to be stiff somehow.

Perhaps she is in a state of estrus.

「Can I have a moment?」


As soon as I talk to her, she turns around and her eyes sparkle. The small friend of Wakana…… was such a cute little girl, I was surprised.

The sparkling eyes are emphasized by the double eyelid and the elongated eyelash, the cuteness is put out on the whole surface together with a considerable small face. Her medium hair has the slender and soft thin cat like hair that is a little sloppy. Some sort of sloppy fragrant swaying hair at the top of the head are adorable.

Overall,~The atmosphere of the cuteness does not make a man nervous at all, rather, she has a mysterious charm that makes you want to spoiled her more somehow.

(The type that is always curled up in the kotatsu)Let’s express it with a cat-like girl.

「Onii-san I love you.~♥ ne~ne~I~Let have sex ~♪♪ cock~♥♥」


Such a cat girl is now clinging to my arm forcefully. A young face and a bulge that hits firmly on my arm, with that「cock.」what a combination of naughty words is exquisite.

By the way, Wakana is……

「Dame! Onii-san cock has arrive, fuck me up now, and impregnate me! ♪♪♥♥」

Yes, it the usual complete fallen.

She seems to get into complete fallen mode because she was close to her friend apparently.

「Wakana, let’s go with three people today」

「I understand♥ It is good if Onii-san says so. But please, cum inside me today as well♥♥」

「I’m good with it if I get your cock~♪」

That’s the way I took two girls to my room at once.

Yeah, it’s really quick.

「Ahaa ~♪ Onii-san room~. Oh, the bed is not so big. Can you do it with three people? 」

「Yes … Let’s take it down and use it as a futon.」

「Yes, I will help you♥」

She was so happy that she could sing with a humming. Did Wakana call her Natsumi-chan?

The height of Natsumi is only about my shoulder. I’am about 170 or so, maybe her height are around 150.

By the way, Wakana probably won’t reach 160.

While thinking about such a thing, I put down a futon on carpet with Wakana. It is okay if we have 3P with this.

「fufu~n, I’ll make you a crazy with my technique!~♪♪」
She was lying on the futon, looking up at me and Wakana. She seemed to be full of confidence in vain somehow.

「Nay, Natsumi-chan has never done it isn’t that right」

Here Comes Wakana tsukkomi. I see, It a little unexpected but necessary when this two are together, Wakana role is to TSUKKOMI.

「Ugh … but I’m studying a lot~」

「Hmm, a lot?」

「ah, that……」

With me who has a little doubt and Wakana for some reason begins to be embarrassed. I feel that it is something strange for her to be embarrassed in the complete fall mode, maybe if you start having sex, the switch will trigger.

「With that, First of all, let make my son feel good, Wakana, it is last Thursday you see this thing right you can start first 」

「Okay. fufu, I will do my best♪ ah, please give me a creampie later♥♥」

Girl in uniform and girl in plain clothes. The first 3Ps began with two beautiful girls reaching for my lower body on the futon.


While making noises, my pants and underwear are being lowered by Natsumi and Wakana.

The way Natsumi laughs was a bit naughty or unique, but it has her vibe, and it’s so cute.

「Oh!Onii-san already excited!~♪ such big cock erection, It twitching.♥」
「Hmm, I like the smell of Onii-san♥♥」

The two laughed happily when they saw my rigid cock.

However, the smile of obscene thing overflowing that cannot be imagined from two people when seeing them by the roadside.

Both of them were just estrus female faces, but they look slightly different from the each other atmosphere.

Wakana is in love with me, as always, it is such a dreamy expression that it is said that it is the best happiness to be pleased with me.

Natsumi is has such a restless expression that she cannot control her sexual curiosity.

The slight difference seems to represent the character of two beautiful girls, and it is interesting somehow.

「Wakana, I will begin first♪ n, hamu, na♥」

「Oh !?」

Natsumi grasps the base of my penis with a small hand physique, and licked the whole glans out of a small mouth and her tongue.

There is a pretty sound like a kitten drinking milk Picha Picach. But on the other hand, the pleasure of her tongue was not at such cute level.

「n, how is it, Onii-san♪ is it Go…od?♥」

「ah, ah……It great」

Generally speaking, it’s a bit little plain than Wakana mouth service, it is a blowjob with just lick on the outside of the mouth.

The reason why such a blowjob feels good is in her tongue.

「n, nmu, n..n♪」

「Oh, ugh.」

Small hands, and small mouth cannot imagine her tongue is quite long and large. It’s probably long enough to reach her jaw.

But at the same time, the tongue does not look as strange as to spoil her lovely appearance. If this is a few centimeters longer, it might feel weird.

Such a miraculously pink piece of meat that, she giving of Eros feeling to let losses.

It gets wet and slippery with saliva and glowing, It wriggles in accordance with the Shape of my cock. The brilliance and the obscene movement, the ever-popular water sound and face-to-face gap make me excited.


She sometimes closes her mouth and replenishes her saliva, It is reopened again after saliva being tangled to the tongue abundantly.

Feeling that warm and lumpy warm meat touch it is enough to give more unbearable sexual stimulation.

But is she not satisfied with that alone? The tongue is moved positively in such a way.

Though she make tongue bend just like a soft leather rod, she lick the whole glans clean with Rerorero persistently and obstinately.

One lap, two laps … Unbearable sexual pleasure is accumulated around the waist by the glans blowjob that has been repeated more than 10 times already. It is an indescribable feeling that something hot is rising in my body.

「n, nwaa……It came out a lot of cock juice from the tip♥♥ N, oihi♪」

「a, uahaaa!?」

When I thought that the glans would continue to be licked, the tongue service which was different from before begins.

Her tongue back long enough to reach her chin, she narrowed her tongue and began to caress my urethra.

「ah, waa♪ Are you feeling good here? Onii-san delicious cock juice is coming out~♪♥♥ n」

It have a different feeling than before, and I leak out a pitiful voice, Natsumi continues her urethral attack while laughing happily.

It is a relentless play as if she try to squeeze urethra while shaking her tongue.


「nfufufu~, delicious ♪ I wonder if this spot is good~♪♥♥ nuu」

After finish licking the forerunner juice, the meat stick is licked while making full use of the long tongue again.

Before long, my crotch is covered with her saliva. It is so much that it dripping to the futon. But now she is so absorbed in licking me that she can’t afford to care.

Rerorerorero~♪ A long tongue runs freely from the end of the glans head to the back of the tongue, and my libido gradually increases again.

「nwaaa, not yet nya~♪♪ nmmuu!」

She is dyed red with excitement in a lovely face, open her mouth greatly to pampers and cherishes my dicks.

She bitten the middle point between the tip and the root, as if to bite and caress the part of the pole using lips


「ah, uhhaa!」

And, while continuing the sweet bite, Natsumi makes a tongue movement in the mouth and violently rampage it hitting my dick.

Nichu, guchogucho, bita!

Natsumi seems to have a lot of saliva than Wakana, The pool piping hot fluid constantly get entangled in the tongue and cock. A lewd service sound is born a lot of saliva is stirred in the intense service, At the same time, a complex and powerful pleasure was born.



Next to me who is completely fascinated by Natsumi’s blowjob, Wakana had a grumpy face.

To be honest, I forgot about Wakana, but I would like to let Wakana suck me soon.

Wakana himself was trying to devour my meat stick from a little while ago and was raring to suck it early.

「u~~……Natsumi-chan!!It is my turn now!」

「n~, waaaah, ……n,onii-san cock juice is so tasty, I was so excited♥♥」


Natsumi collected saliva in the vicinity of the root of the eyebrow, put it in the mouth, and finally licked it up from the ball to the glans to show off her long tongue, leaving it from my crotch.

「I will do my best to squeeze out onii-san with lots of semen. I will make you to feel better than Natsumi-chan did♥♥」

「Oh, I’m expecting you. ……ooh!」


The fellatio of Wakana was contrast to Natsumi.

Suddenly, a vulgar vacuum sound is heard, and it becomes a blowjob face that has deflated cheeks and sucks the cock to the back.

Zuchuzzuchuzuchu! Jubojubo!

From there, she desperately move her head up and down, The lip and the cheek mucous membranes are made to make the sound that something can be play, and from the pole to glans.

The feeling that the mucous membrane which was made to be a slimy was sticking to the cock was exactly a famous pussy that can be called the mouth pussy.

「n, n, n!」
Wakana adds a still immature tongue movement that she just learned yesterday to her mouth pussy. It is not enough if you compare the tongue skill of Natsumi just before, the lower body feels numb and more comfortable with the soft and hot mucous membranes that feel like being squeezed over and over again.

However, these two blowjobs have both advantages and disadvantages, and it is not easy to decide which one is good.

Wakana mouth service, Should I said Natsumi of tongue service.

But these two types of different fellatio are the best play that both of them are more than enough to please the man.

I just felt pleasure and happiness just by the alternate blowjob of two beautiful girls.


「n, nfaa, nnmu♥♥」


Wakana sense that I was comparing two blowjobs, and accelerated the speed of raising and lowering her head.

I was receiving the blow of Natsumi earlier, I won’t be able to endure it soon.

The heat accumulated in the lower body begins to spread in the body, and the tension that something seems about to explode runs.

「ah, Wakana……I’m going cum!!」

「Wakana stop!!」

「nn……. waaa, It can’t be help」

As soon as the voice of Natsumi was heard from the side, Wakana blowjob is stop, I was on the verge of being checked in.

「Hey, it was a little bit more.」

「so, sorry…… But in fact, it is the main fellatio is about to start♥♥」

「That’s right ~♪♥♥」


I was surprised a little by the two high school girls with estrus faces.

Two type of blowjob and pleasure is also doubled! It is an alternating fellatio which was able to make me excited more than when I had the blowjob with Wakana before.

If this is not the main, what is the main thing?

Let’s say it again, what is the main if this is not the main!?



I see…… But it’s more than I expected!

It was the first impression against the two main fellatio, henceforth, further pleasures and excitement were waiting.

Everyone Can Do It! Instant Love Switch

Everyone Can Do It! Instant Love Switch

Daredemo Kantan! Soku Ochi Suitchi, だれでも簡単!即堕ちスイッチ
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2015 Native Language: Japanese
I have a quite unusual hobby, which is visiting antique shops. One day, I got my hand on a suspicious item called 「Instant Love Switch」 at a shop I visit by chance. Let alone feeling dubious, I totally doubt the effectiveness of the tool, but I still try it anyway. I used it on a random bishoujo on the road and it was surprisingly effective. From that day on, I will be living an erot*c life with its various girls such as the pure beautiful girl and her friends, the voluptuous neighborhood young wife, and various other women. I will live this erot*c life.



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