Everyone Can Do It! Instant Love Switch Vol 00 Chp 04

【 Sex in front of the mirror, Hypnosis half fallen before climax: JK】.

「Hey, Onii-san♥ Sorry It took a moment to clean my face properly. Now you will fuck me right, neee♥♪」

As soon as she came back to her room, she said that and smiled at me. A lustful eye with a heart mark ♥ seems to be drawn inside the eye, to show the hint of the best erotic face even though it show some abnormality.

My cock that was in the middle of a break quickly got up 「I will let her become pregnant!」it speak to me

「That’s it, I will fuck you till you become pregnant!」

「fuee!? a, this is the first time onii-san say you want to impregnate me !! uu,I’m happy, I’m so happy uuuu♥♥ uuu……」


Apparently it seems that the conversation of my brain with my groin has leaked out, then she suddenly gets pleasant and begins to cry.

Oh, my God. I guess it’s enough for me to talk with cock, completely falling beautiful girl is more dangerous.

「Well, please just forget it.」

「NO!! I will never forget it, the declaration you made to impregnate me. Hikku…… Now, please quickly thrust into my pussy and let me have your baby! ♥♥」

「oh, agh」

There, for some reason there a strangely powerful force when she approaches me with her Soppy tears and drool, I nodded reflexively.

Well one of the effect of the switch is not get pregnant during the complete fall mode, no matter how much creampie she get, she seem happy did she thought she was going to get pregnant.

「What kind of position do you want today?」

「Well, that’s… Just get naked for the time being.」


She stares straight at me with sparkling eyes, while I thought for a little bit and thought of a little demonic play.

I told her to be naked for the time being, she instantly takes off her clothes. Like a child in a public bath, full of vigorous without any shame.

Socks, a dress, a bra are drop on the floor with a rustling, and at last, she takes off the panties with the lighter sound and completely becomes a stark naked.

「Looking good, then let’s go to the washroom.」

「Hu ? Yes」

I was hurried by the pleasant exhilaration and I stark naked completely too, I took that switch and headed to the washroom.

By the way the washroom of my apartment is next to the bathroom, it is also a type that also serves as a toilet and a dressing room.

「Well, can you put your hand in front of the sink and turn your ass over here?」

Her body is reflected by a mirror when I take her naked body in front of the sink.

Compared to other parts, the strangely inflated erotic chest, a Waist circumference that draw a beautiful curve and a female face distorted by lust.

It is a first class elegance that is not equal with the ordinary woman.

「Yes~sss♪ Like this?♥ Ah! As it is, you going to plunges your cock from behind and cum inside neeee♥♥ my womb will be full of semen neee.♥♥ Haaa~,It is already leaking uuuu~♪♪♥♥」

She takes a pose according to my words and thrusts her ass out to me.

It is a little surprising, but it is too small compared with the chest, it was something that looked like a girl. You may say it the beautiful ass which attractiveness stands out more than the sex appeal.

But thanks to the honey full of female odour which drips from the crotch, it looks just like erotic meat.

Moreover even anus moves twitching and it especially seems to expecting my cock.

「Okay, just look at the front.」

「Yy, Yes.  aaa! ? I, NOO which has such erotic face? I want a cock and I can’t stop thinking about iiittt!, Quickly fuck me impregnate meeee, I have become a pervert slut that want a cock inside me! ?♥」

「Is it shameful?」

「Ha, Though it is shameful, But I am excited! haaa…aaa~♪ I will came with your semen again♥♥♪♪ while showing such lustful face, the pervert who is going to be seeded, I’m leaking the female juice uaaaaaaa!!♥♥」

She seems happy and speaks while looking at her erotic face in the mirror and laughing lasciviously. A large amount of love juice spills out from the pussy much more than a while ago, and it had become a soaked to the thigh.

「haa, haaaa Onii-san, hurry, hurry cock please gimme cock quicklyyyy. In my stomach it is tingling ache and it’s hot, I’m dying to want a semen fast uuuuuuu ♥♥!!」

「Ah, here I go!」

「Nhaa…a..aaaa !! Hioo?, Suddenly, suddenly thrusts, it inside.. I’m being fuck uuuu~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!! ♥♥♪♪」

I shoved the cock in the pussy covered with love juice under the crack of her butt meat. It was wet and drenched more than yesterday, there was an incredibly strong tightening as I inserted to the end and back.

Instantly spread open the leg to the meat stick, still less experience pure and innocent pussy, it spread over to my shape immediately.

Actually I am also excited about how bad she want to get pregnant with my seed, there was hardly any reason left for me.

Naturally addition and subtraction are not possible anymore when I begin sexual intercourse once and I shake my hips with all my strength from the beginning with the urge move violently for my abdomen to knock against beautiful hips.

「hiaa…aaa.a..aaa ~~~!! Uh, huuh, ha ahwaa ♪♥ I’m getting a worse bitch face than before♥♥ More, more Oh, fucked me more messily! Rape, rapeu, u, impregnate me rape rape ♪ ♪ ♪uuuuuuuu♪♪」


While I listen to her begging for more, I grabbed her waist with both hands and went violently and kept poking my cock in her pussy.

The sound of the meat bumping into each other is generated, a loud voice echoes in a narrow washroom.

Moreover, if I look at the front, I can see the erotic face pulp through the mirror, if I glance down, I can see the big breasts swaying while slightly jiggle.

Thanks to the tightening of her vagina meat and a hot and juicy feeling of love juice it felt more intensely, the glans were getting pleasure for brief moment just before ejaculation. With amazingly indecent sound and an obscene scene, my dick swelled further greatly.

Or rather, I was actually about to ejaculate.

「a, the tip of the cock, your cock a getting swollen in my pussyyy..ee..ee!!♥♥ Uu your semen in getting ready to enter my pussy!?♥♥oh,dame eeee! again haaaa aaaa♥♥While looking at the pervert face of this semen toilet, haa- semen soo haappiii haa…haa…haaa right uuuuu!!♥♥」

「guu……。 No, no..t, not yet, not good!」


I’m not finished yet and hold it as much as I can, she looked back to me as she kept staring at her horny face in the mirror.

Because the muscles of the waist moved faintly in the vagina it felt as if it had changed, I am desperate trying to endure ejaculation of pleasure that crawls when I thrust inside her.

「n…hi..ii.iiii! Hey, why is it not good? Hey, onii-san are you going to cum! ? waa, I’m also gonaa come!!♥ Hey, let’s come together, let’s make a baby together!!!」

I managed to endure the ejaculation and slowly shook my hips, but her eyes staring at me were about enough to cry.

Actually, tears had been spilling as much as a few drops from the beginning of in her eyes.

「guuuuu, you had to endure it, it feels good, doesn’t it? Besides, when we are feeling comfortable with each other it is a little different from normal time will make the probability of pregnancy rises. So, endure it for a bit longer.. okay?」

「N, Haa, I see. Is that so ♥♥ Then I want to endure it more, endure until I feel comfortable enough to become crazy, and then let’s come together!! ♥ ♥ Then, my pregnancy is confirmed by one shot right? ♥ ♥ ♪♪」

She truly believes my vague lie, well there is nothing wrong with that she will be crazy soon.

I feel I have somehow understood how to treat her in a state of complete fallen. Let’s go ahead with her misunderstanding here.

「Ah, It that so. There is a theory that it is 100% probability of pregnancy if you can feel comfortable with each other to the limit properly! Here we go! 」

「Yes iiiiiii! !♥♥♥ Haa…… Baby, Onii-san baby!! ♥♥♥♪」

I just said there was a theory I do not affirmed it particularly. If you inclined I’ll advance the 100 percent theory.

「A, no good !♪ When I imagined it, the inside of my stomach it itching again……. ..a hi yaa..!? Oh, onii-san, No dameeeeeeee!!  ! ..aaah..?  I, if you are far too deep now aaa..aa, your cock and my womb gonna kiss♥♥」


Although she says no, she still thrusts her butt and rubs the glans and the glans head to the interior of her vagina.

I wonder if the body has moved without permission because she hold up the acme, still, words and actions are too different. It’s the way of falling off to the joke level already.

Well I am excited too, so I am good since it is all pleasant.

「Naaa…aa…aa..aaaa. ♪ dame.  Nuuuu..uu……….. endure it, endure it, endure it !!  Ohoooo !?  Ku..uuuu,uu, dame, oni-san no, baby..together!!♥♥♥ uuu..uu.uu..」

She’s finally going crazy, She began to having convulsions in her body while tears dripping down.

The buttocks still sticking out as usual and is joining for a small shake there, it has been hit the tip of the cock the one which seems to be the womb which had been tingling before.

The glans were pressed against the vagina, my meat stick for which has to exquisite Rod torture by trembling vagina meat was already about to burst. As is expected, I am already at my limit soon, too.

I hold the switch which I put in the edge of washbstand to the right hand and prepare for the finish.

「alright, It’s about time…….. Look, I’ll move it with all my might to the end! Look at your own erotic face in the mirror!! While it is happy, when it gets fucked by me!! 」

「wa..iii…iii..!!! I, I need you!! !♥♥  I’m being fucked by my prince cock! ! ! While looking at the private exclusive bitch semen face toilet of onii-san, Oo, onii-san please look at my face bitch face properly! ♥♥♥」

「Aah, I’m going to look at it… Here we go.」

The moment her trembling tried to reach the climax, I pushed the button down of the switch.

Yes, I push the switch to change it from complete to half-fallen mode.

「Hi.!!?? a, Oh, I have a weird face …….. a, but it does not stop, it does not stop ~ ~ ~ ~ Tsu TSU!!! 」

She was in a half-fallen state, I felt a sense of shame back to her for a moment, and the body had already come up just before the climax.

She became a wet with salivation and tears and she was showing her a frown face with full pleasure, I can only stare at the face that is going to become even soppier while trying to resist the urge.

「Don’t look. Please, don’t look at me! ee..eee.ee.ee.ee~~~~!!!」

Of course I’m a perverted bastard, ignoring her wishes, she keeps watching the moment of her coming.

It’s grandiose pleasure, while trembling from the fingertips to the toes. Moreover, it seem to reached the brain as she erase the option of closing her eyes and continued to watch her own Ahegao face dutifully.

「Hey, come on it Not finish yet.!!」

「Aa!  aaa, It hot, In my stomach iii.!! …… A, Again! No way, don’t look at me!!! n..Hi..iii..iii..i~~~~~!!!!!」

She is distorted by embarrassment, distorted with more pleasures her face can only be said to be too erotic.

I continued spitting out semen into her vagina by the momentum of the vaginal shot of yesterday, and poured it to the interior while the cock and the womb made a deep kiss.

「A, It still goes out.  No way, I’m cumm.!? uhhhh, cummings.!!?」



Immediately after my semen was released to the last drop, her trembling reached the top and raised her voice.

From the bottom you can hear the sound of the water that is gushing, she probably still squirting towards the bottom of the washbasin door.

「Aa, I’m sorry. Ah, no more!……。 AAh AAhhhhh……」

She was not able to support herself with both hands attached to the washstand, as she got weak from the climax, It was too late for me to try to support her, and my was cock pulled out by force as she crawled into the floor.

Then, if you think that the intermittent water sound just changed to a small continuous water sound called trickling, a faint ammonia smell drifts around the washroom.

「Aa…… I’m sorry. I’m sorry, I’m sorry」

She continued apologizing while blushing, as the good sound of the momentum of trickling become clearer.

「…… I’m sorry. I’m sorry.」

「No, you not doing anything wrong. Oh, it felt comfortable let’s just say very pleasant that’s what I wanted to feel」

「But with a face like such a pervert, in front of Onii-san, in the end, to pee……No. ah, I’ll clean it myself.」

She kept crying for a little while after her body has recovered, and she continued to apologize with her face crimson.

Ah, was it little overboard today?

「More than that, don’t you have to go home? And your clothes I will get it for you. I’m already wearing mine.」

「a…… I’ll get dressed for the time being. Also, could you please lend me a towel? 」

I gave her a towel and her discarded clothes in the living room, and then I left the bathroom.

It might have been ten minutes since she got Acme, The smell of semen and love juice adds to the smell of urine and it becomes a tremendous scent.

It’s strange that I don’t feel that bad, it still bothered me.

「As expected, it’s a little bit too much to ask you to wipe it off……. Haaa … … and I already wear my clothes ahh it’s definitely time I have to go home already.」


I look at the clock, the night is near, and it might be suspicious if she don’t return home early.

「You know, that we need to keep our relationship as secret ?」

「Yes, of course」

「Your parents might think you going home late suspicious, right? So, by any chance, what happens if they find out your relationship with me and get in the way? 」

「ah, that’s no good! Yes……. Well then I will hurry home. I’m sorry……」

After having convinced her, she was already prepared to go home after arranging clothes.

「Oh, that’s right. I want you to tell me your phone number and address. …… and also your name」

I remember that I didn’t know anything about her, so I finally asked her.

「Oh, that’s right. My name is Wakana and my phone number ……..」

「Wakana. UN, it suit you. Whoa, thanks.」

I finally got to know her name and contact after I had a fuck her terrible.

Umm, on the second thought I’m really a vulgar man.

「Oh, it’s time already. I’m sorry, I’m going home! 」

「Oh, I’m sending you to the road. 」

Same as before, I sent her to the alley I met for her the first time, and I went back to my room alone.

「Ha ha …… It was nice. ~. Today is such a good day……。 Well, here we are. 」

While I was thinking it was hard to clean the room, I went to see the place I was doing with Wakana.

I knew a lot of dirt around the washstand, but I found a big stain on the carpet and the tension dropped a little.
It might have been when she blowing the tide when the semen was smeared on the face and masturbate.

「Well, I feel good so this is fine」

I was doing the cleaning silently after this, I don’t feel tired when thinking that it was clean-up of the after sex with Wakana.

Haa, Nevertheless, Sex with her, it was good.

Everyone Can Do It! Instant Love Switch

Everyone Can Do It! Instant Love Switch

Daredemo Kantan! Soku Ochi Suitchi, だれでも簡単!即堕ちスイッチ
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2015 Native Language: Japanese
I have a quite unusual hobby, which is visiting antique shops. One day, I got my hand on a suspicious item called 「Instant Love Switch」 at a shop I visit by chance. Let alone feeling dubious, I totally doubt the effectiveness of the tool, but I still try it anyway. I used it on a random bishoujo on the road and it was surprisingly effective. From that day on, I will be living an erot*c life with its various girls such as the pure beautiful girl and her friends, the voluptuous neighborhood young wife, and various other women. I will live this erot*c life.



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