Everyone Can Do It! Instant Love Switch Vol 00 Chp 02

【cleaning blowjob and cum drinking joshi kousei-jk】

「I’ll pull it out slowly………」

「a…… hyaa…… n…」

Amazingly, even after I pulled out my penis, her vagina still remained open with a hole with the size of my penis. As it closing slowly, body fluids such as semen, virgin blood, and her love juice were dripping out of the hole through the cut-out hole in her panties.

「Fuu… do you have any tissue?」

「Ah, oniisan, you can’t do that. No need for tissue… h-hya~n… uu… please use me instead~」

As I looked around for tissue, the barely-recovered girl stopped me with her shivering voice. She tried to support her own weight with her arm, which she fails, and fall on the sinful bed. Then she proceeded to stick her tongue out towards me.

「Because I am oniisan’s tissue and cum toilet♪ No need to hold back… Ah, I can’t get up. I’m sorry… I’m so sorry……」

She apologized to me with her crying face after failing to get up.

Jaa… What should I do with this girl?

「please forgiー hyaa!」

「Don’t mind if I do」

I shoved my body-fluid-coated and sex-scented sexual organ into her apologetic face.

「Th-then, I whill kween id thorouglee♥ Mmmm… Chuu~ Aaannn♥」

She said while kept thanking me. Then she proceed to hold my sticky penis with both of her hands and carefully licking all the body fluids with her tongue. Furthermore, her face was brimming with happiness.

That looks so erotic! Combined with her ladylikー My penis just got revived.

「nnbu… I finished cleaning it. So what do we do? More sex? Or~ more of my mouth action?」

「Jaa, a blowjob please 」

I lie her on the bed and sitting on top of her, and right before I pushed my meat rod into her mouth.

「Oh right, you never kissed did you? How you know what a fellatio is?」

「Well…… That… umm… My friends and I were… secretly took a video out of her father’s porn stash and we… kind of watching them together. Several times or so…」

I don’t believe her shy attitude after receiving her rapid-fire sexual moaning first-hand. But the attitude was cute in itself and it made my penis twitched in excitement.

「Aah, I had sex even though I haven’t even had my first kiss」

「Ah right, so you don’t want it?」

「Uun. I’ll do it since it’s you, oniisan. waaa, the semen is leaking from the tip ♥」

Those lips, which doesn’t even had their first kiss, starting to head towards the pre-cum leaking penis.

The sound and the soft feeling when her lips touched the tip of my penis felt really nice. The thread forming between between her happy smile and my penis is the best.

「I’m going to do my best! Un ♪」

*chuu chu chuu* *slurp* *chuu chuu*

Just as she proclaimed, she really did her best.

Her cheeks contorted as she sucked the penis, moving her head back and forth while making a really sexy blowjob face. And then while she making obscene water smacking sound, her gentle lips continued to caress the head of my penis.

Her full-scale vacuum fellatio she did can even make a real AV porn star cry in shame.

But in the video, there’s no way for her to see the action happening inside the porn star’s mouth, her tongue action was clumsy at best and rarely moved around. It seemed that it’s necessary to teach her a bit.

But for now, I think she’s fine the way she is. The gap between her erotic expression and her poor skills excites me even more. Let’s endure the today’s blowjob as it is.

「It feels good. Just like this……」

「nnnfuu~~ ♥ 」

The slurping sound from her lips started to change into a lower toned *zubuzubu*.

She began to put my penis deeper inside her mouth.

She took it deep inside her throat and vigorously moves it around over and over, trying to perform a deepthroat.


Her throat wall gives a different sense of tightening from a virgin pussy. Just by trying to perform a deepthroat already removed the necessity of the tongue action in the previous blowjob.

I could feel that I was reaching to my limit thanks to her frantic throat action.

「Uoo, I’m close, I’m cumming!」

「N, mmmmmm~~~!!!♥♥ 」

I somehow conjured enough strength to cum for the 3rd time into her throat. The girl was a little surprised and pained, but overall she still have that the same elated expression.

She gulped down the semen while purring.

「Nn, nnck, nnnnh! I-i’m sorry- *hick* I’m sorry!」

I was wondering if she could receive all my semen on her throat, but she pulled my penis out mid-ejaculation.

I could barely hear her apologizing since her voice were just a mumble because she was choked from semen. Maa, if “constantly hearing her apologizing” was what it takes for me to ejaculate in this girl, I will gladly endure it.

This time, I definitely emptied all the content in my balls just to put them all out into this girl’s mouth.

「P-pweese forgif me……」

「n? But it felt really good」

After the ejaculation, she took the time to suck up the remaining semen in my urethra before letting my penis go. Then she still apologizing while collecting all those semen in her mouth.

「Oniisan, I almost forgot, but I’ll do it without coughing this time…… A~n♪」

I was wondering what did she forgot to do, but then she opened her mouth and showed the accumulated semen inside her mouth.

「Oniisan’s semen tastes shoooo gooodh♥ Mmmh… It tastes so thick and strong. I am ghoing to savor it thoroughly so pwease watch me, okaaay ♥♥♪♪」

As she said that, she stuck up her tongue and stirred the semen pool in her mouth.

She shut her mouth almost immediately and kept stirring inside.


Not long after, bubbling sounds were heard from her. She gargled the semen, stirred it again with her tongue, and gargled it again.

「u… Aaah~~~♥」

And then she opened her mouth again and showed me the frothy semen

along with her beautiful finger making peace sign with both of her hands.

「Can I… take your picture?」


Then I proceed to took countless pictures of her unthinkable form of debauchery using my smartphone.

She tried to change her pose for every picture, all while pushing out her tongue for me to see. I took no less than 10 pictures.

「Yosh, now drink it all」


Then she reluctantly swallowed the semen after gargled it a few times more. As a proof, she opened her now-empty mouth again and showed another peace sign. Of course, I took another picture.

Apparently, the blowjob she and her friends saw together in the AV was a deepthroat, but as for me, it’s enough to satisfy my sexual appetite.

「Waaa… I made a ton of mess……」

「……mm hmm」

About 10 minutes passed since I had fellatio with a highschool girl who doesn’t even had her first kiss yet. Currently, I was using her naked body like a hug pillow.

Her body, with exception of her breast, was surprisingly soft. A nice girl fragrance was emanating while I hugged her body. If I didn’t cum that much, I will probably get erect just by hugging her.

「Ah, it’s already 6 PM. That reminds me, don’t you need to get home?」

「It’s fine. I’ll just live with oniisan」

「Wa? No, aren’t you still in high school? Don’t you have families waiting for you?」

「Yes. A third year in ○○ high school. I also have my father and mother」

Isn’t that strange? The way she treat her family like a side note confused me even more. Aah, I understand. The switch was messing with her thought process.

「I’ll see you again in the future, so will you go home for today?」

「Don’t wanna. Tonight, I want to be used to relieve oniisan’s sexual desire, and I want to be used like that tomorrow and for the following days. And then, I want to stay loveydovey and give birth to lots of oniisan’s babies. Hora, the oniisan’s semen was still in my belly♥」

The girl squatted down in front of me and used her hand to open the labia of her vagina. Some semen dripped out twice from her hole along with some virgin blood.

This is bad. Thanks to the short rest, the boii was starting to react. However, it will be bad for us if I couldn’t send her home by tonight.

「Can you understand me? Go home for tonight and wait for me on that road tomorrow evening. Okay?」

「Ee… but… but I……… Ah, I’m sorry. The previous blowjob was not good, is it? That… that is why you throw me away, is it? I’m sorry… I’m sorry………」

No good. I couldn’t persuade her. At least not while I’m erect. To be honest, I don’t think this situation is caused by “my boii” acting up. But overall, the situation is quite dire.

「Come to think of it, that switch……」

I suddenly remembered that there were 2 buttons on that device. 1 button on the top, and 1 button on the bottom, and I only used the upper one. Jaa, what does the lower button do?

I gently pat the girl’s head, who was currently still apologizing with her head flat on the bed. Then I got out of the bed, opened up my bag, and read the instruction manual of the switch.

「The button on the backside… Ah there it is」

I only saw the front side at first, but then I flip it. There was another button on the backside.

「When you press the lower button, the girl turned into the half-fallen mode. In this case, her love to you will be lower than the mode on the upper button (Referred as ‘Complete Fallen Mode’ from hereafter)

Sine the complete fallen mode will interfere with everyday life, please use the lower button to ease it. Please be careful when using the top button when using the switch for the first time. In addition, since there are individual differences in effect depending on the victim in both complete burn and half burn mode, please use it with care」

As usual, the explanation was dubious at best, I think the strange tone is somewhat fitting to my current situation. Anyway, let’s try pushing the lower button while pointing it at her.

「I’m sorry… I’m sorry……」 A, Oniisan?」

Thank god. Apparently, it stopped her weird behavior. Right now, her obscene blushing cheeks and her sexual excitement were nowhere to be seen. Her eyes were also clear and looked sane.

「You’re currently living with your family, right? Don’t you have to go home soon?」

「Ah, you’re right. It’s already this late. I’m going back home. ……umm, pardon my rudeness. May… may I get some tissue first?」

She took the tissue I gave her and wiped the semen that was still dripping from her crotch. Then she started dressing after throwing the tissue into the trash can inside the room.

After about 5 minutes, she looked like a serious and diligent normal high school girl. However, she still blushed when she looked at me.

「Oh right… please keep still for a while」

「Y-yes… ah, eh? It’s a bit embarrassing」

I proceed to flip up her skirt, but she held her skirt down a little. She didn’t seem to dislike it, but I could feel her resisting a bit.

「Umm… I’m sorry」

I could only see for a moment when the skirt was flipped up, but it was enough to confirm that she properly covered her important parts with shorts.

Perhaps I shouldn’t feel worried about her wearing some sort of perverted panties, but since she’s in a half-fallen mode, such perverted things could be expected to happen.

「 I think it’s obvious, but please not to tell anyone about what happened today. And if by some chance we meet outside, please pretend that we’re strangers. Furthermore, please talk normally the next time we are talking with each other」

「Okay. You can rely on me for that. This is our secret relationship♥ Truthfully I… I’m very happy that I can give my virginity to oniisan. And… having penis before first kiss♥ Please take my first kiss next time, okay~ And if oniisan wants my anal virginity… I’ll do my best!」

……Correction. This is way more interesting.

But well, as long as she’s being quiet about having sex with me, I think I can safely say that it is fine… probably…

Her appearance when I sent her out was like a pure beautiful girl that could randomly be found on streets.

「Aah, this is bad……」

After I sent her home, I returned into my room and finally saw the aftermath of our obscene debauchery.

There was a pool of her blowjob drool and sexual fluid. The overflowing amount of love juice and semen left the bed in a very disturbing mess.

「Uwaaah… Well, it does felt good though… sort of…」

I was cleaning up the sheets and the room when my eyes fell on the instruction manual.

By the way, I was so focused on sending her home, so I probably continue reading the rest of the manual.

「Hmm… etto… If you want to release the victim, please press and hold both button for 2 seconds or longer at the same time. Doing so will result both Complete-fallen mode and Half-fallen mode will be canceled at the same time and all memories about the interaction with the user will be deleted.

It is possible to use the switch again to the previously released target, but please note that the deleted memories will not return.

Finally, the chance of pregnancy during Complete-fallen mode will be reduced into zero. This way, you users are given free reign to shoot the load inside, you savage perverted fucker ♪ Incidentally, Half-fallen mode doesn’t prevent pregnancies so you have to properly ejaculate then evacuate♥ 」

That reminds me, I was so into the action that I forgot to shoot it outside. In that sense, I’m very thankful for this amazing function. Well, it really does let me “free reign to shoot inside”.

But somehow… It feels like it’s happening exactly like what the creator of this device had intended.

「Whatever. I can freely shoot inside without worrying about pregnancies. I can also release any of my previous targets. I will thoroughly enjoy this」

Despite being exhausted from continuous actions with that beautiful high school girl, I couldn’t stop myself from grinning from end to end.

I’m sorry to say that this is probably the last chapter of this series that I am willing to translate. Not that I dislike this series, I like it very much.

However, it’s impossible for me to translate with 8 hours of constant erection dirty thoughts. I can feel the novel draining calcium from my bones. I deeply respect those people who are working in our certain favorite bakery. It must be hard for them to not unzip their pants and do something else.

Thank you for reading this~

Everyone Can Do It! Instant Love Switch

Everyone Can Do It! Instant Love Switch

Daredemo Kantan! Soku Ochi Suitchi, だれでも簡単!即堕ちスイッチ
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2015 Native Language: Japanese
I have a quite unusual hobby, which is visiting antique shops. One day, I got my hand on a suspicious item called 「Instant Love Switch」 at a shop I visit by chance. Let alone feeling dubious, I totally doubt the effectiveness of the tool, but I still try it anyway. I used it on a random bishoujo on the road and it was surprisingly effective. From that day on, I will be living an erot*c life with its various girls such as the pure beautiful girl and her friends, the voluptuous neighborhood young wife, and various other women. I will live this erot*c life.



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