Dead Man’s Harem. Since I can’t kill myself I’ll find other ways to be happy Vol 00 Chp 50

Morning Wood (18+)

“Yeah…. yeah… ooooooooh yesssss,” the baroness housewife moaned through the thin walls of the closet.

Devon tried to close his eyes once more, attempting to sleep. He was actually beginning to doze off now, since it was almost 2am and he had a long and exhausting day packed with tons of action. He enjoyed a nice morning carriage ride with a countess, fought a demon minotaur, waded half dead across the entire countryside until he found the nymphs, fought bandits to protect the nymphs, found a human city, delivered baguettes, and then went on this mission that made him end up hiding in a closet while listening to sexual moans.

Now that he thought about it that way, it really was an exhausting jam-packed day of all kinds of crazy situations that would never happen back on earth in his previous life. He kind of liked it though, despite his reserved personality usually. He liked how his schedule was just full of crazy and wacky situations that he managed to find a way out of every time.

And if things went wrong, he could always rely on his ironic passive, [Dead Man Walking].


Devon fell asleep, and began to gently snore on the makeshift mattress he assembled from the baroness’s excess clothing in a messy pile.


An hour later, both the baroness and her husband fell asleep as well in the guest bedroom.

The next morning, the baron left for work early, at around 8 am. It was now 9 am, and Devon was still sound asleep as the closet door opened with a creak.

“Hey, wake up~” the delicious dark red haired baroness said. She was now wearing a lingerie nighty, that was not too revealing but was pretty short and had an air of elegance to it.

Devon was still asleep, so the baroness climbed into the closet and laid down beside him, then began to feel his bulge with her hands.

“Mmmm…..” he said, tossing in his sleep.

The baroness gently pinched his cheek, and he woke up with a start. “Hmm… huh?” he said with a daydreamy expression on his face.

“It’s time to wake up Devon,” the baroness said. “You said you had another job to do today, right? Better get going soon~”

She leaned down and breathed into his ear. “Oh, and, I had a great time last night with your company~ I’ll request you again some time soon~”

Devon’s morning wood stood up completely rock hard at that statement. The baroness noticed and chuckled, continuing to tug on his meat staff with her warm and slender fingers.

He still felt a bit satisfied and spent from last night, but his semen was almost fully charged and replenished after a good night’s sleep.

“Baroness, can we have sex?” Devon asked politely.

The baroness chuckled and shook her head. “No, Devon. I told you, I’m married~ But we can play a bit before you go.”

Still somewhat groggy from his sleep, Devon groped the baroness’s double D-cup breasts and pulled her towards him, her bountiful body falling onto his hard semi-muscular body. Her squishy boobs and lust inspiring figure pressed into his, and Devon immediately began trailing his hand down towards her panties.

Slipping his fingers right onto the soft spot right underneath her panties, Devon began to rub her moist slit gently through her panties, feeling the slight humidity from her pussy that was getting wetter and wetter by the moment.

“Oh you naughty boy, we already played so much yesterday and you’re already back for more?” the baroness said with a sultry smile on her face.

“Of course,” Devon replied. “Just cumming once inside you isn’t enough, I need to do it every day.”

The baroness in her early forties blushed and moved her hips receptively to Devon’s heavy petting of her pussy, grinding her hips and pussy against his hand and clamping her thighs around his arm.

Pulling down his pants to reveal his big meat stick, Devon pulled aside the baroness’s panties and began entering her again, her pussy vigorously resisting allowing his cock to fully enter her again.

But to Devon, this was the best part, where her tight vagina clung to just the head of his penis and didn’t let him in any further because of how small and tight her pussy was. The head was the most sensitive part too, so he enjoyed it so much to put it inside her.


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Almost 40 chapters ahead on now~ It’s been a long journey since being 5 chapters ahead xd

Dead Man’s Harem. Since I can’t kill myself, I’ll find other ways to be happy

Dead Man’s Harem. Since I can’t kill myself, I’ll find other ways to be happy

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After death, Devon is given the second chance he never wanted. He decides to make the most out of his new life, exploring all that life in this new world has to offer, whether that be adventuring or soliciting elf girl prostitutes.



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