Dead Man’s Harem. Since I can’t kill myself I’ll find other ways to be happy Vol 00 Chp 119

Blonde Elf Bitch in Heat (18+)

“W-what was that?” the blonde hair and blue eyed elf with floppy pointed ears and a pointed nose and small chin said shyly. Her round cheeks gave her a mystical and youthful look, but people who knew her better knew that her outer appearance did not accurately portray the arrogant and bossy entrepreneurial noble elf personality that lay within.

Neomi’s face was beet red from embarrassment when she realized that Devon’s cock was the thick and hot object pressing against her butt, and her cheeks got a shade pinker when she heard the taunting sound of her sister laughing from the sofa nearby, her sister bouncing her crossed leg during her laughing fit in a particularly sensual manner. After all, it was hard not to be sensual when she was completely naked, without even the troupe’s nipple tassles on anymore ever since the second round of the evening began in Devon’s bedroom.

“It’s your friend mister meat stick, and it’s what you have to make cum, dear sister!” Mina laughed. “Come on, I thought you said you could do it. What’s the delay now? Are you sure you are up to the task~”

Mina’s face looked so amused teasing her sister, her slanted eyes and abnormally large elven eye size giving her a fox deity-type look that would excite any man deeply. “Come on, you can do better than that Neomi~ In the amount of time you’ve been wasting dilly-dallying, I could’ve made Devon cum three more times~”

And it was true. Devon sometimes could be a quick shot, or last a bit longer, but Miina’s tongue work was so pleasurable and exciting that she made him burst in less than two minutes flat when she rolled his balls around in her hand while milking his meat shaft with her mouth-pussy.

“F-fine! I’ll show you that I can do it just as fast!” Neomi declared, looking a bit more desperate than usual. Grinding Devon’s cock with her thighs, and squishing it a bit more than should be comfortable for him, Neomi took off the last of her leaf dress, leaving her butt and thighs and pale skin all bare. Her skin gave off a healthy glow that had a bit of ethereal pale whiteness to it, due to her elven blood steeped in magic. Devon’s cock pulsed and got even thicker and more erect as Neomi’s supple thighs rubbed against it.

Her pussy was already completely wet, and Devon’s cock began to rub against her pussy lips now that her body alignment shifted. Neomi still looked a bit tentative, but Mina’s laughing glare at her made her bite down and suck it up.

Suddenly, a loud cheer erupted from the tavern downstairs, causing Neomi to yelp, startled, and jump in the bed, her body going up from the thighs and waist up as a knee jerk reaction.

Right at that moment, Devon’s cock stood up to full mast as the pressure from Neomi’s ass and thighs that was holding his cock down previously disappeared for a few seconds. When she landed back down from her startled jump, Neomi let out another yelp.

Devon’s cock managed to align itself right against Neomi’s pussy lips, as the lips stretched and extended on Neomi’s way down to earth. Devon’s cock jammed itself right into her pussy, on pure accident.

“Ow… ooooooowwww!!!!!!” Neomi cried, tears beginning to pool in her eyes as she winced in pain from the sensation of a cock penetrating her for the very first time. She had a husband before, since she was roughly two hundred years old, but the marriage ended in disaster due to a clan rift right after the wedding ceremony, and so she never experienced the feeling of a man until right now.

And it was due to a complete accident.

Devon’s cock sank inside Neomi’s pussy with a lot of resistance, the knob of his cock making its way in like a submarine while fighting against the increasing deep sea pressure with every nautical mile that it went further in. his penis only managed to sink the head and a little bit of the staff in, as some blood stained his cock.

The tavern downstairs burst into a bellow of laughter yet again, this time louder than ever before, as Neomi was startled once again, sending shockwaves through her body as she jerked and squirmed, causing Devon’s cock to fall even further into her body.

“A…..aaaaaaahhhh!” Neomi yelped. “Oooowwwwwww…. it hurts!”

Unfortunately, she was fighting against gravity, and her own big tits and bodyweight was working against her now. She sank down another millimeter, prompting another wave of pained yelps and sweaty panting.

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Dead Man’s Harem. Since I can’t kill myself, I’ll find other ways to be happy

Dead Man’s Harem. Since I can’t kill myself, I’ll find other ways to be happy

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2019
After death, Devon is given the second chance he never wanted. He decides to make the most out of his new life, exploring all that life in this new world has to offer, whether that be adventuring or soliciting elf girl prostitutes.



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