Dead Man’s Harem. Since I can’t kill myself I’ll find other ways to be happy Vol 00 Chp 102

Lascivious Celebrations

“Your companion… he is a rank C sorcerer, is he not?” Neomi asked, her perky elf ears twitching cutely as her sapphire mana crystal earrings adorned with golden affixation jingled with the winds of war.

“Oho~ Devon? He is just a beginner~”

“But that kind of dual element control, surely he must be professionally trained. What’s he doing as a swordsman?” Neomi inquired further.

At this point, Devon was too far into the din of the fight to hear her conversation with the madame, as he was trying his best to put on a magic swordsmanship showing en par with knight Aurora’s, although he was not very successful at it. The idea of being outdone by a girl kindled his competitive spirit.

“My student is very talented~”

“Even by elven standards, wielding dual elements so casually is not an easy feat. I’d like to know more about your student, Devon.” Neomi spoke with a slight snicker, as she saw the madame’s eyebrow twitch ever so slightly. It was apparent that the madame was particularly fond of her student named Devon.

As the fight raged on, both howlers and humans dropped like flies. The sorceresses were racking up quite the kill count, and Devon himself killed two howler monkeys, one with a sword to the heart, and the other with a sharp gust of wind to the throat.

Eventually, there was only one howler left. On the ground were the corpses of around seventeen howlers, and dozens of villagers, including visitors to the village who were dressed smartly in fancy buttoned up coats but were not too well armed. If madame Elisa, Devon, and the elven sorceress whores were not here, the entire village would’ve gotten slaughtered.

“Just one left! Stick that sucker!”

A farmer lunged forwards with his pitchfork, and a dozen other pitchforks from battle weary villagers followed suit.


The final overgrown gorilla fell, leaving an awkward silence. Then one cheer began, and another, until the entire village was roaring with cheers of joy.

That is, until a fireball launched itself towards the ground and burst into a massive crater. The villagers looked at each other nervously, the cheers dying away almost immediately.

Standing in front of the crater was madame Elisa.

“Don’t make so much noise outside, alright~ You might attract the rest of the horde~”

Those two sentences were like a knife through butter in cutting through the festive mood and jubilation of a hard won victory against the howlers.

Seeing their sunken faces, madame Elisa laughed. “Hoho~ I didn’t say you can’t celebrate. Just do it indoors~”

With that, a crowd of people began to spill into the tavern to celebrate the bloody victory, and even the farmers who lost their family members joined as well. After all, they knew that they were lucky to be alive, and that their husbands and wives fought valiantly.

Devon checked on countess Ilyana’s carriage and confirmed that she was safe and sound, then joined the rest of the villagers into the tavern. It was well beyond maximum occupancy, and he could barely squeeze through the crowd.

After much struggle squeezing through the assortment of villagers and traveling merchants and visiting lesser nobles and whores, he reached the bar.

“One beer!” he shouted at the bartender.

Before he could even reach for his pouch, a cold draft beer was handed to him by a smiling male bartender, who still had blood splattered on his cheek. “It’s on the house. You saved me, do you remember?”

Devon nodded. He remembered drawing the attention of a howler away from a man that it had pinned down to the ground and was about to kill. That man was the bartender.

“To our village’s victory!” a villager cried.

“To victory!”

“To glory!” A visiting lesser noble cheered, raising his glass up high.

Devon smiled and took in the rebounding jubilation, and put his glass to his mouth and drank heavily. He felt the cool, refreshing beer burn down his throat and his stomach. The beers in this world were strong, and it felt like he drank an extremely alcoholic lager.

“To fortune!”

“And bitches!”

The atmosphere was vibrant and bustling with energy, and Devon felt the beer begin to seep into his veins with every drink. He finished a glass and got topped off the foaming top with another one, and drank a third of that one in one gulp.

Suddenly, he felt a cold, feminine hand touch his arm. He looked over his shoulder, then down at a scantily clad blonde elf who was staring at him with wide light blue eyes. Her low cut dress was scandalously tailored, leaving everything bare from the stomach upwards in a v-shaped cut including her breasts, although her nipples were covered by two red pasties with bright red oriental nipple tassles hanging from them.

“Hello, Devon,” the elf said with a coy smile, as she felt up and down his arm with her chilly fingers, then pressed her breasts against his arm as she cozied up to him. “I heard a lot about you from your teacher.” She bit her lower lip, slowly letting her glossy pink lip slide out from underneath her pearly white teeth.



Dead Man’s Harem. Since I can’t kill myself, I’ll find other ways to be happy

Dead Man’s Harem. Since I can’t kill myself, I’ll find other ways to be happy

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After death, Devon is given the second chance he never wanted. He decides to make the most out of his new life, exploring all that life in this new world has to offer, whether that be adventuring or soliciting elf girl prostitutes.



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