Dead Man’s Harem. Since I can’t kill myself I’ll find other ways to be happy Vol 00 Chp 05

Backroom Madame (18+)

“You need to… hnggg…. save some energy…. anggg… for the clients!” the madame moaned while Devon thrusted himself into her.

Her pussy juices ran down his cock as he rubbed his dick pleasurably into her stretched pussy, which was tighter than ever because of her position with her leg over Devon’s shoulder. The madame was being forced into a vertical split with her legs even though she wasn’t that flexible, because Devon pressed further and further into her.

He grabbed her giant cow tit breast and slapped it, thrusting more and more into her while increasing in speed.

“I’ll work on the clients once I’m done with you,” he said roughly, shaking his hips rapidly as he approached climax.

“Just don’t come inside me… haaahnnn,” the madame moaned, her bouncy ass accepting each thrust from Devon’s muscular thighs. She was beginning to shake in ecstasy from this boy that she just met. “And don’t tell the other male customers, because they might get jealous… I don’t usually work, you know.”

“Oh, really? So I’m not supposed to be doing this right now, right?” Devon said with a sneer. For the first time in a long time, he felt like he was enjoying himself.

“Of course not… we shouldn’t be having sex at all,” the madame replied right as Devon was beginning to feel his climax coming.

With each additional thrust, Devon came closer and closer to ejaculating inside this lusty madame’s tight body.

Slap, slap, slap.

“Nnnnnnnnnggggggg,” moaned the madame.

Feeling the semen well up inside him, Devon accelerated his pace like an animal in heat, continuously rubbing the inside of her meat sleeve like his life depended on it.

The feeling was coming.

“No, wait! Don’t come inside me!” the madame yelled urgently, trying to push him off.

Devon just ignored her, letting out a torrent of semen straight into her belly and womb as she tried to push him off. Eventually she just stopped trying, and accepted that he creampied her without any reservations.

“Hah… ha…” the madame panted as Devon looked at her face, placing his hand on her cheeks and scrunching them up like a blow up doll.

“That was good,” he said. And then he pulled his dick out of her pussy, as just a bit of hot and sticky cum leaked out of her. The rest was already deep inside her womb.

“Look what you’ve done, now I’m gonna get pregnant again,” the madame said in an airy, lusty voice.

“Again?” Devon responded, keen as ever.

“Yes, I have two children,” madame Elisa said. “It’s normal at my age, you know. I might look young, but I’m already thirty seven ohoho.”

Devon could actually tell that she was a bit older, but decided to keep that to himself, not wanting to cause any more trouble. His personality had always been a bit reserved, but the lack of feeling ever since his death made him act in a more reckless way, just to try to feel again.

After all, what did he have to lose at this point? His mother? She’d been dead for nearly ten years now, and even his memories of her were fading. He didn’t remember his father at all.

“Sorry, it just felt really good in the moment.”

The madame smiled coyly, placing her finger on her bottom lip. “Is that so? I’ll forgive you then, since a young stallion like yourself just couldn’t resist the temptation hoho. And if I have another child, at least they will be very pretty.”

Devon let out a hollow chuckle at the absurdity of this entire situation.

“Oh, and about work. I’ve evaluated you to be one of our top tier courtesans, and so I’ll be sending you on diplomatic missions and for other interesting work.” She winked at Devon. “You didn’t think that your job was purely sex work, did you? It’s quite the contrary, actually. You’ll be doing a lot of different kinds of work, and will even have first selection on normal monster slaying jobs or escorts when the time comes. That’s the power of having adventurer’s guild backroom connections.”

“Alright,” Devon nodded. It sounded like a good deal to him so far.

“You’re a novice adventurer, and it just happens that a new job just came in that would fit you quite well. It’s an escort quest.”

Dead Man’s Harem. Since I can’t kill myself, I’ll find other ways to be happy

Dead Man’s Harem. Since I can’t kill myself, I’ll find other ways to be happy

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2019
After death, Devon is given the second chance he never wanted. He decides to make the most out of his new life, exploring all that life in this new world has to offer, whether that be adventuring or soliciting elf girl prostitutes.



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